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What do you think a ghost smells like?

This will be a Hank's Lore Mini of sorts...

I am in the middle of trying to find information on a bigger story..but am full blown struggling. And, a coworker of mine asked me what you smell when you have a stroke...the answer is toast - and this got me thinking about when you smell something that isn't there. Why does that happen? Is it a ghost? Well I looked into it.

There are many reasons that you smell something that isn't there. Maybe it is a neurological disorder, maybe you really are having a stroke, but maybe there is something supernatural around you. These odors from the paranormal happenings around you are called phantom odors.

Some paranormal researchers and investigators will use smell as a tool just like they would EVP readings and imaging. The smells that are left are residual from an individual who passed away but didn't quite pass on. The things that they once used or had a smell will linger on past the time that they died. The thought is that life and non-life entities share some nontangible things - like sight and smell. So, spirits can transform smell to manipulate those that are living and allow them to see them.

There is even some lore that if someone you love passes away they will give you a phantom odor that will remind you of them. And, will keep them in your memories. It could be the smell of the flowers your grandma loved, or maybe tobacco pipe that your great uncle smoked. These are your loved ones passing by to give their love from the afterlife.

Smells in the air are said to change when something evil is around as well. It is common that the smell of sulfur is around when a demon is around. It has also been reported that when people visit super haunted houses, especially those haunted with evil spirits a smell of rotting food or flesh will be all around. That is nasty. And, kind of makes sense.

What do you think? Have you experienced this?



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