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How It Got Started

The Roots

Hi! Welcome. I am Samantha Newland-Arens. I am a Michigander through and through. I am also a HUGE “scary story” fan. I like hearing about folklore, hauntings, true crime and everything in between. I read and love telling the story back.
So, I thought what the heck…lets share the stories that makes Michigan so amazing. Makes Michigan have stories to pass down from generation to generation.
I will take the stories and tales of the people I know, and will meet. Share them and deeply research and photograph when I can. This Journey will be a good and fun one.
Have stories? Email them:
[Stories can include but are not limited to: stories, lore, Michigan Slang, creepy adventures. I don’t even care if they aren’t “real.” Part of the fun is not knowing where reality and folklore meet]

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