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What do you need to be a ghost hunter?

Well I thought it would be fun to share a product maybe weekly of things used in Ghost hunting! I have always been interested in the paranormal and how people capture ghosts on film or by voice recording. One of the big ways ghosts can be found in many ways.

One tool used to find ghosts is a EMF scanner thing. The EMF finds electromagnetic fields that are around you which a said to be ghostly energies.

This is a tool that most ghost hunters keep in their ghost hunter tool boxes..tool belts..tool vests? I digress. It is a must have tool.

You can get a base reading and then use that base reading to find spikes where paranormal activity is said to be had.

I did link one below in case you wanted to snag one and find your own ghosts (or want to gift Hank one)

Happy Hunting



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