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uhm, was that an alien?!?

Well, I was going through all the Hank's lore posts - and I realized that we have not done an Alien story and Michigan has a plethora. So, I began perusing the big bad internet to find one that was maybe well known or that had some good information. And, boy did I strike gold!

In March of 1994 over 300 people (that is A LOT of people, especially for a UFO sighting). These sightings were witnessed in over 4 counties. These counties include Muskegon, Ottawa, Berrien and Allegan County. These lights were picked up on the radar for the National Weather Service at the Muskegon County Airport. This event lasted 3-15 minutes but most accounts said that they sightings lasted closer to the 15 minutes.

Local police forces in all 4 counties were getting overwhelmed with the calls of reporting sightings. And, they were quick to realize that all reports were saying virtually the same thing. The reports were also saying that the lights were moving towards the direct of Chicago.

The UFO's in question were described as Christmas lights far up in the sky. They were clusters of 5 or 6 cylinder shaped objects in the sky. Every report of the 300 reports described the same Christmas cylinders in the sky. This event is still listed as unexplained. Dozens of witnesses were interviewed and nothing has ever came about as a true explanation.

One of the reports of a witness said they were looking through a telescope at the lights.

While looking through the telescopes this witness noticed that the objects were in a triangle. Even while moving the lights remained in a triangle pattern.

A retired meteorologist reported on the sightings as he witnessed it himself. He said the lights in the sky incredibly quick. As quick as they were they were seen they were gone. When he was looking at them there were multiple of them in the sky.

A special tool was used to test the lights in the sky. This tool measured the speed at OVER 100 MPH.

There is an episode of unsolved mysteries about this incident. It is in Unsolved Mysteries Volume 3 - Something in the Sky.

Some real people I know accounts:

My 9-5 does a catered lunch every other Friday and I was sitting with someone that I don't usually talk to on a regular not work stuff basis. And we got to talking about paranormal stuff - ya know regular work conversation - and he brought up this incident and I was like ha, that's my next Hank's Lore. And he was like cool cool, but I heard that the UFO's or whatever were hovering - flying? - above Lake Michigan specifically to get fresh water! And, this was an amazing theory to hear. And, I knew it would be included in this.

Someone whose opinion I hold value to said - "what was seen was remarkable unusual in that it was a brilliant green dot that I first say travelling what appeared to be south to north" This matches a lot of the reports that came out about this sighting. This person went to onto say "It travelled in a very straight and constant speed." It this conversation - comment- whatever - it was even said that they had a chuckle that it was an alien spacecraft due to the bizarre movement. But, couldn't - or maybe wouldn't say for sure that it was an alien UFO.

In the same place that I posted to get some personal stories about this event specifically. Another person told me a story that happened a few years later - well quite a few years later but I digress. I thought it wouldn't hurt to add this story to THIS post because it is an alien post - So, a sighting a very small craft - maybe 3 feet across was seen in the sky of Grand Rapids. Then in the summer of 2021-ish this person and 4 other people (2 of which were kids) spotted another UFO looking thing in the sky. They said they were certain that it was NOT a bunch of satellites strung together. They said it was reminiscent of what a cruise ship looked like in the dark where you can see the rectangles of little windows. & then it was just gone.

Have you witnessed any of these? Or something similar? PLEASE TELL ME.

You can message me through this, comment, or even start a forum post - & that would be HELLA COOL.



P.S. I apologize for the lack of posting I am not able to do research as quick at home because my at home computer broke, and I am currently TRYING REAL HARD to buy a new one. So, please have patience with me. I also need some ideas for new Michigan stories. Or, hauntings. Cryptids? Any ideas. Please send them my way

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