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Traverse City Asylum

This one was one I was super excited to do. I even know a dude who got married on the grounds here. The pictures were out of this world. But, I digress.

The History:

Northern Michigan Asylum established in 1881 and officially opened in 1885. It had 43 residents originally.

Dr. James Decker Munson was the first superintendent. He held this title from 1885 to 1924. As the institution expanded Dr. Munson looked for innovative ways to treat his patients. Dr. Munson came up with Beauty Therapy...he believed in the beauty of therapy. Patients were treated with kindness, comfort, pleasure, and even beautiful flowers. All restraints were forbidden. This hospital even had a wok therapy program. This allowed patients to work while getting treatment, Most patients were encouraged to be self sufficient.

Patients that were mentally ill were treated in Northern Michigan Asylum. Other patients were also seen, those who suffered from TB, typhoid, diphtheria, influenza, and polio.

This hospital was originally opened due to overcrowding at the Kalamazoo an Pontiac Hospital. At one point it was home to over 3,000 patients.

Some of the patients were lobotomized and put into insulin induced comas. Most of these patients only had syphilis. And, this happened after Dr. Munson left.

There is a tunnel system under the building that connects over 50 of the buildings. This is said to contribute to some of the madness within this area. Building 50 had the men's disturbed ward. These rooms were only 100 square feet.

By 1950 the hospital was beginning to close. They didn't want to distribute medication to all of their patients and change all of their ways. Laws and basic practices were changing and Traverse City Asylum didn't want to change how they went about their ways. So, they closed for good in 1989.

The Hippie Tree

The Hippie tree is an old willow tree on the hospital grounds that is completely spray painted. What's creepier is the hippie tree is said to be a portal to hell.

It is said to be a home for the kept spirits of those who used to inhabit the asylum.

It is a very creepy place and many seances take place by this tree.


Visitors say they see ghosts, feelings of being watched, and feelings of the air and energy changing.

It is even said that a priest hung himself in the hospitals chapel. This is one of the things that is said to drive the dark spirits.

Bodiless voices

Unexplained lights

Loud voices heard on playback devices

unexplained figures

When the hospital finally closed its doors many of the residents had no where to go they were forced to lived and perish in the woods. Michigan's weather is not stable enough to allow mentally ill patients to live outside so many died out in the woods. This is another theory as to why these grounds are incredibly haunted.

Hope you enjoyed.


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