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The Yellow Motel

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

Deep in the woods between Bravo and Pullman sits the remains of The Yellow Motel. Which is said to be an old hide away for many mobsters of the roaring 20's. I'm talking Capone, Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson. Ya know. The bad guys.

It is said that there are tunnels used to hide these mob men in their travel and even a pool of quicksand to quickly hide bodies of victims.

The yellow motel was burnt down by arsonists in 1997.

There are so many rumors about this chunk of land and very little actual facts published. I have spent days trying to find anything real to report on this and I am SUPER sad to say I cannot find facts just stories of what people have said to have seen or stories that have very little fact behind them.

But, here is what is reported to be seen on this property:

the ghost of Capone's car

headlights of a car that follow people around the woods

a voice saying "mommy, I'm scared"

a white ghost dog that chases trespassers

red eyes seen all over the property

There is a story of a young married couple who were spending their honeymoon at the Yellow Motel. The husband finds out that his young bride is not a virgin in which he expected that she was. Once he finds out that she has been touched by someone other than her new husband he looses his mind and kills the young bride. He then jumps from the window of the yellow motel and kills himself. You can supposedly hear her sobs, and see them.

Another story floating around is that you can often times see the old motel in a sort of mirage way. You will look and see it and then like blink and it will be gone.

There is a small rumor going around that this area is a magnet for witch covens and this is why it burnt to the ground. When the Allegan County Fire Department got to the reported fire they "let" it burnt to get rid of the bad that this spot held - or that's what is said.

Another comment I read on a blog that I was trying to get info out of that I found kind of interesting:

Now, I could leave you here. With this half asses story.

Or, I could tell you that over this past weekend ya girl Hank and her family went to where the Yellow Motel stood and walked around. Got a few pics and even did a little EVP session.

I think we will go with the later.

So, we went to where the Yellow Motel stood. And honestly it is completely overgrown. You can't see where anything really was. Except for the old tennis courts that is on the property. There is still the little trails that are walkable so we walked around and tried to find anything back in this area. And, all we found was a full decomposing cow. I shit you not. A freakin cow.

So, we all wandered around for awhile. Didn't find much. So, I decided to do a little EVP session. And, like anyone who likes the paranormal I keep an app on my phone that records the EVP levels as records any words that the human ear cannot detect. And, the EVP levels were completely RED. Like off the charts crazy red. And, we got some words. I don't know if the following list of words has any correlation to anything or not but I'll list them and you can tell me:




No Priest





Can you










Alice Yes



Some of the words came up as I was asking questions, or saying things that I read.

Like, the twelve was in response to me saying - some of Capone's victims are supposedly burried out here somewhere. Then twelve popped up.

Here are some of the pics I took while we were out there.

What do you think??

Have you heard of the Yellow Motel?



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