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The Whitney Mansion

To start off I knew absolutely nothing about this one. So, I was starting from nothing. This was fun. And, kind of interesting.

The Whitney Mansion is located in Detroit, Michigan. It was done being built in 1894. It cost about $400,000 at that time to build that home. Which is roughly 9.5 million dollars today.

The Whitney Mansion was built by David Whitney Jr. Whitney was one of the wealthiest citizens in Michigan by his death in 1900. He was worth roughly 15 million dollars.

David Whitney Jr. was born in Massachusetts in 1830. He was always destined for greatness. As he grew into a man he quickly gained success in lumber and moved to Detroit Michigan. But, David couldn't be stopped at 1 business. He also dabbled in banking, real estate and even steam ships.


As David Whitney became successful he needed a home that would reflect this success. So, the Whitney Mansion was built. This home is something else. Its really indescribable.

It is 22,000 Square feet, it has 52 rooms, 10 bathrooms, 218 windows, and 20 fireplaces. LIKE WOOWWWW. I couldn't imagine a house like that.

Fun fact - The electricity was ran by none other than Thomas Edison who was really good friends David Whitney.

David Whitney's first wife Flora McLaughlin Whitney passed away while the Whitney Mansion was being build in 1882. But, I couldn't honestly find how she died. But, I did read a few things that said that she is one of the apparitions in the house that is seen from time to time. A year after Flora's death David married Flora's sister Sara. Sara remained married and in the Whitney mansion until after David's death.

David died in 1900 of a heart attack. Sara Whitney remained in the mansion until her own death in 1917.

The Whitney mansion remained mostly empty from 1917-1932. Only a caretaker lived within the mansion.

In 1932 the Wayne County Medical Society moved into the Whitney mansion and opened a hospice center for tuberculosis patients. They moved in without a down payment and the Whitney family paid the property taxes. These were roughly 15,000 a year.

In 1941 the Mansion was given to the Wayne County Medical Society officially. During the duration of The Wayne County Medical Society residing in the Whitney Mansion many deaths occurred. Being a hospice center, this was bound to happen. But, it definitely gives the mansion a haunted aspect.

In 1956 - the entire medical staff of the Wayne County Medical Society moved out.

1956-1986 - nursing offices were established as well as other miscellaneous business' in there

In 1986 the restaurant that is now there starts - becomes known as the "most haunted restaurant"

David, Flora and Sara Whitney have all been said to have been seen roaming the mansion. Other apparitions and figures have been seen in windows and throughout the mansion. There is a lift that will follow employees from floor to floor. It's not surprising that something would be haunting this considering how many people actually died there.

In the Gardens there is an outhouse- and this outhouse is pretty much undisturbed to this day. And, for a really REALLY good reason. This outhouse, and section of the garden was made for David Whitney's slaves. Uhm - yepp. You read that right. They got to live in an outhouse.

There are places set up for tea in these outhouses - and i am assuming they mean out - houses and not port-a-potty. But, finding an image of this is hard. These tea settings are so untouched that dust has accumulated on them and it looks incredibly old.

This area of the property is said to be the most haunted.


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