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The Paulding Light

This one is of my faves! And my husband's too!

This came about in the early 1960's. It is located just outside Paulding Michigan.

For half a century, the Paulding Light has been a legend in the Upper Peninsula. But it’s not easy to find. You have U.S.-45 to Paulding, which is a tiny speck of a town near the Wisconsin border. Then turn down unmarked Robbins Pond Road which is now little more than a gravel road. Oh! By the way there is a creepy ass forest on the side of this road. About a half mile in, it dead ends at a guardrail overlooking a tree-filled valley where the former highway vanishes into the woods. Sounds super fun right?!

This legend spread by word of mouth, and later by TV shows about the paranormal, and people have enthusiastically speculated on what it could be ever since it was first seen.

Of course you will have people who doubt anything spooky going on. These doubters noted that the light looks rather similar to vehicle headlights at a distance, and their location just happened to coincide with a sight line to a highway. Plus, reports of the light began pretty much about the time that highway was constructed. Dun-Dun-Dun.... Even through all the debate, curious visitors have flocked to this remote town, turning a hidden, abandoned gravel road into one of the state’s most popular tourist spots.

The story is that a brakeman died on the tracks, and the light is him guiding anyone on the tracks. His swaying lantern is still held by the ghost of the brakeman. He was crushed when he was trying to stop another train from hitting one stuck on the tracks. My husband heard it was a train conductor who died on the tracks and couldn't bring himself to leave the tracks that he loved so dang much. Some claim it’s the distraught spirit of a grandparent looking for a lost grandchild with a lantern that needs constant relighting, the reason the light seems to come and go. Those who’ve seen it say it’s a bright white light, glowing deep inside the woods, changing size and shape before fading into the darkness.

The creepy thing about this is there is no reason for this light, and no one can figure out where it is coming from.

Michigan tech went to investigate and debunk this light and they failed. Ripley's believe it or not offered $100,000 to debunk the light and they still have not paid out.

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