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Seven Gables Road

This one has a lot of controversy on if i is real or no behind it. It is classified as an urban legend & I honestly have to agree with that. For every one "fact" there is another one to contradict it. This is the perfect way to make a urban legend.

Seven Gables Road is in Dansville, MI. Which is 25 miles southeast of Lansing. There is 694 acres of land owned by the DNR and on this land is a red gate. And, this red gate is the source of one of Michigan's most haunted urban legends.

One of the first legends of this area is if you pass the gate and then hear a woman scream the last person who passes back over the gate will be the first to die. And, usually they will die within 3 days of this visit.

Another story of this area - a lore of the land if you will - is that of a witch. This witch lived just beyond the red gated. One day some witch hunters came and decided they weren't safe with her living there so they trapped her within her house and started the house on fire. They burned her alive. The story goes that before she burned to death she cursed the land. And, the curse basically said that anyone who lived on this part of the land would experience terrible things.

The story continues many years later. A new house is built and a family moves in. The house is basically built right over top of where the witches house burned down. So, her curse is probably raging, right? Well the father of this family slowly starts to go crazy. Then one night he is completely crazy and hangs every member of his family from a tree in the front yard. This tree becomes known as "the hanging tree", and before he goes to hang himself he lights his house on fire first. Then hangs himself next to his family. A few days later after people haven't heard from the family someone goes out to see what's up and they see the family hanging there & fire damage to the house.

One thing on this though is there is record of a house being torn down in the late 1970's but there was no fire damage - and no murders reported. So? Take that and do what you want with it.

Another story is kind of an offshoot of the witch story. Basically, there is a witch. And, people are messing with her so she decides to curse her land because cluck those people. Well, one day the witch is outside and hears a baby crying. And, this becomes her moment of weakness. She goes to look for the baby. And, crosses the red gate. Then doesn't find the baby and dies shortly after. So, she basically curses herself.

There have been many paranormal researchers that have visited Seven Gables Road. They have all pick up different things while doing their investigating. One more well known researcher found what she believes is the foundation of the original home & a metal pipe that was dated to the mid 1800's.

There was a dark shadow caught on camera. And, the person who caught it on camera and now refuses to look at the photo because it creeps them out so much. They got a really bad feeling taking the photo.

One of the ghost hunters who have visited a few times have said that they can't confirm or deny any of the stories that have been told about the property. But, they can say that the spirits are really not bad. Most of them are really actually friendly.

One researcher said that they thought that the witch in the first story was really just a woman who was on the poor side, and lived in a run down home. The town basically shunned her because she was poor and had to live off the land. So, they shunned her and then spread it around that she was a witch. Makes sense to me for the time.

There was also multiple reports of rattlesnakes. Yes, you read that right. Rattlesnakes. Apparently there was a huge rattlesnake infestation right behind this red gate. This is weird because Michigan doesn't typically get rattlesnakes.

People who have visited this area have all reported that something odd has happened when they visited. There have been reports of faint screams heard, a face of a little girl seen, heavy breathing heard, invisible hands choking them, the smell of burning flesh, and the feeling of not being alone.

What do you think? Have you heard of this?



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