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Pere Cheney - Part 2

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Hey Hanklorians!! Here is part 2!

So ya girl went to Pere Cheney! And, it was a blast. Super duper fun.

But, every time we got out of the car it down poured. So, I was soaked to the freakin bone. When we got back in the car it would stop raining. That was SUPER freaking cool. Thanks Pere Cheney Witch.

The photo above is taken on the road headed to the cemetery and what's left of the town. It was incredibly gloomy.

The Cemetery:

There are only 90 people burried in this cemetery. But, a ton of these gravestones were missing. And, some of the markers were just numbered spots. You could feel the sorrow in the cemetery.

On a lot of the actual gravesites there were coins and trinkets that people had left representing their visits.

The cemetery itself wasn't all that big, but you could just tell that it held a lot of history. And, held a lot of sorrow.

From what I could tell, and it would make sense that all of the graves were prior to 1917. So, the graves were old.

Hank & Her Girl Sassa!

The Town:

There is almost absolutely NOTHING left of this town. There is still the railroad tracks. And, you couldn't really map it to find where it was. To be clear it was listed on the map but without an address it's hard to really pinpoint where you are supposed to go.

But, we still roamed around. Still tried to find something. And, we found a little something.

So bumping around on all the back roads made my bladder feel like it was going to explode and there are no bathrooms anywhere around so I was like just pull over and I will just pee on a tree. I am no stranger to this..right? Well I run to a tree and find a dip in the land and after i finish my business I peeped. And, I found what used to be a building. It has a stone basement but some more modern wood on top but still.

We also saw a pole that would have been there for a hella long time. It would have been the entrance to a building or home or something.

There wasn't much to see but it was super cool to see.

I am sorry that this was shorter than I had planned. But, I hope that the pictures make up for it.

Where should we go next?



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