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Old Catholic Cemetery

There's nothing I love more than old Catholic's and cemeteries. So, why not combine them into an Old Catholic Cemetery? Sounds like a wonderful idea, and also one that is not my own. This Cemetery is located in Marquette, Michigan and is dated back to the Mid 1850's. This cemetery is said to have roughly 3,000 pioneers burried ere.

This cemetery started as one known as a free burial ground - meaning many low income or terrible deaths utilized this burial ground. Many woman who died during child birth, many children who were under four years of age and many other unfortunate souls.

This cemetery only stayed open to the public until the turn of the century. By 1897 the Catholic church then began to move some of the bodies and head stones to the Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery located a few miles away. But, in this move many bodies were missed as not all of them had head stones. And, as it became harder to dig bodies up - as there were ALOT - the left the bodies but took the head stones to the new cemetery.

Many of the bodies that were originally burried in the Old Catholic Cemetery remained in the cemetery until 1925. Then a little over 150 more bodies were moved. But, some still remain there today. But, in 1987 all of the remain tombstones were moved. So...bodies that were unmarked were just left chillin in the cool cool.

Even though bodies were being moved and space was being cleared out for maybe more bodies it did not mean that it was going to get any type of caretaking. The cemetery became quickly overgrown - and unfortunately forgotten about.

This means that multiple times these bodies were disturbed and moved. And their place markers taken and moved to a "prettier" spot but their bodies left to literally rot. And to be forgotten about.

This has caused some ruckus for the living now. Many people who have stumbled upon this Cemetery say that they hear shouting and even sobbing. These accounts come from the people who live by the cemetery.

There is a mobile home park right across the road from this cemetery and many of the residents say they can hear the tell tale sound of sobbing, screaming, and moans of the unmarked dead.

In 2019 Holy Cross Catholic Church began working to revitalize the Old Catholic Cemetery. They have began to clean it up, and even make a park here to memorialize it. - UHM WHAT ABOUT ALL THE DEAD BODIES SCATTERED WITHOUT MARKERS? - I digress. Apparently roughly $50,000 was given to help fix up this old cemetery.

what do you think of this one? Should we plan a Hank's Lore field trip?


PS....Ive been thinking - should we have some Hank's Lore Merch? Let me know - Comment and tell me!

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