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Okay, soooo...

Hey Hank Lorians.

I don't know the story yet, I am working on it. But, I just HAD to share this! Over this past dad was talking about a spot he knew of that was haunted. He wasn't sure of the story. It was an old mill that was on the land, and for whatever reason it is now haunted.

Walking to the spot was kind of creepy because you could hear trees cracking and once you got back to the bridge you could hear weird noises. My mom and I both thought we heard horses (and, no there were no horses around.) My dad thought he heard kids laughing and playing (again no kids). Realllly creepy right?

Well, Sunday we went out to dinner and my dad wanted to show me a pic and we CAUGHT SOMETHING ON CAMERA.

So, I will share some pictures below. Please tell me what you think.

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