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Nain Rouge - A Cryptid Story

Have you ever saw a little red guy? Maybe in the Detroit area? And, then maybe have some bad shit happen to you after you saw him?

Well if you have then you have experienced the Nain Rouge. The Nain Rouge - or Red Dwarf - or Demon of the Strait is known to roam the streets of Detroit. Whenever someone comes across this red devil misfortune soon follows. It's origin is French, and settled in Detroit many years ago. It has deep roots in French and American Indian Lore.

The Nain Rouge is the first bad omen for any bad disaster. It can be a natural or personal disaster. But, if you see him something bad will follow. There is a similar cryptid in the French folklore.

According to some narratives of this story the Nain Rouge, the founder of Detroit first came upon the Nain Rouge and literally smacked him with his cane. He then yelled at him. As a result, the founder of Detroit ran into a long line of bad luck and eventually was imprisoned in France. This story has been passed down from generation to generation and is now apart of Detroit's culture.

The Nain Rouge is said to be the bringer of doom, and tragedy. The Nain Rouge is the reason that Detroit can never succeed and why bad things happen to the Detroit area. FLINT WATER ANYONE?!

The Nain Rouge was witnessed right before the city was burned down in days before.

Many Detroit residents have blamed the Nain Rouge for the 1763 Battle of Bloody Run where over 60 British Soldiers were killed. As people saw this little devil shortly before the battle. So, the story has been passed down that the Nain Rouge is to blame.

The Nain Rouge was also seen shortly before the 12th Street Riot in 1967. And, was seen in 1976 by two DTW workers. Then one of the worst snow storms in centuries hit. During this storm over 400,000 resisdents didnt have power.

Movies have even been made about the Nain Rouge, as it is that engrained in the Detroit culture. The Movie "Devil's Night: Dawn of the Nain Rouge" came out in 2019. This was a huge thing to not only bring the silver screen to Detroit, but also bring awareness to the Nain Rouge.

The legend of the Nain Rouge is completely divided in the Detroit community. Some believe it is just a story while others believe it is fact. What do you think? Could a little devil like creature control the fates of the people?



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