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Mystery - A Glowing Grave?

Hey Hanklorians! Let's do a weird mystery of sorts today.

There is a Mysterious Glowing Grave located in Byron Center. From what I can tell it is not the actual grave but the gravestone. Which to some may not be a big deal, but to me it was a HUGE difference. I was thinking a person was burried that maybe was radioactive....but I digress.

This grave is located in Winegar Cemetery. But, to see the headstone in all its glowing glory you would need to go past the cemetery gate, down a path and then up a hill... The glowing grave is not the ONLY weird thing in this cemetery. This is also an apparition of a woman that dates to the 1800's.

A tombstone within this cemetery glows while it is pitch black out. There are no other lights in the area, and can even been seen when there is no moonlight. Many paranormal researchers have visited this area. Which of course means many photographs have been taken of this. In one of the photos taken, you can supposedly see the ghostly figure of a young girl. I think like little girl, not just young. The individuals who took the photographs say that the little girl was also covered in orbs. Some don't think the orbs amount to anything - but having a photo of a little ghost girl definitely does.

One theory on this glowing grave really debunks anything paranormal, and gives it a really scientific reason for a grave to glow - and not radioactive dead dudes... it is said that the graves do not actually glow - or the gravestone does not actually glow. This theory suggests that a local barn stored mercury. This barn is supposedly located across the street from the cemetery, and really only houses a small amount of mercury....but enough to make a glow....This mercury would cause a shine that is seen on the gravestone which would make it appear to glow. But, there is no way to confirm this for 100% because the barn was torn down. Some say now the headstone doesn't glow anymore while others say it definitely still does...

While researching this glowing phenomenon I found another ghost story that has Winegar Cemetery right up and I figured I would include it. Anyone who knows me knows I love a good twofer!

Apparently whatever happened to this dude made him believe in ghosts, because he was never a believer before. He is called a "normal" person, ya know having a job..a family..not believing in anything spooky. ANYWAYS I DIGRESS. So, here is how this story goes:

The Vinkemulders lived from 1958 until 2000 in an old home in Byron Center, a short walk from Winegar Cemetery. They bought this house; it was formerly a stagecoach stop and tavern during the 1800s. This house was purchased from the Hardy family, whose patriarch had been the cemetery sexton. This a dude who looks after a church & cemetery...and will often be the gravedigger - just in case you didn't know what sexton meant.

In the late 1960's Scott Vinkemulder, the start of this show, was a wee lad of 16. He came home from school and took a little nappy on the couch. He stayed asleep most of the night. Until 4:30 AM when we woke up due to hearing some heavy breathing. This made little Scotty Boy roll over, and upon doing so he saw a young girl. She didn't move or speak to him...she just silently stared at him. He said he could tell she wasn't alive. He could see the TV through her. He then ran for his parents room to tell them what he just witnessed.

This is where a secret was let out, when the family moved into the home a box of photographs was found. And, in these photos was one of a young girl - dead laying on a couch - in the same room that Scott was just rudely awaken from. This girl matched the description provided. The trunk of photos was returned to their original owners and this is when it was confirmed this girl was dead. Basically, the explanation was that the original owners didn't have any photos of this girl - so after her death and funeral....they decided to dig her up and take some pictures so they would have them.

Now, this girl doesn't leave the living room, and scared the crap out of a unknowing 16 year old.

So there ya have it.

Want to plan a night trip to this cemetery so we can see if it has a glowy headstone?



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