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Michigan's very own Hell House

This one is kind of a doozy, and is very well publicized.

I had 3 people ask me to do this story. And, I could put it off no longer.

This house has been featured on multiple shows, has 2 movies - documentary things based on it. And is quite the story.

The Michigan Hell House is located in Merrill, Michigan. Which is real close to Saginaw, and is a really small town. This is also known as The Haunting on Dice Road.

The Pomeraning Family originally built this house in the 1950's and it was built to be a family home. Nothing happened for a long while as this family lived and thrived in this home. Then the Spring of 1974 came (which was the beginning of blueberry season - just in case anyone was wondering) and things began to get weird in the house and for the family. The start of this haunting would also be the start of Michigan's most documented haunted house to date. This haunting started in spring of 1974 and "ended" summer of 1975.

One night, seemingly out of the blue, the family began hearing loud noises and scratches at their windows. This would lead the father of the family to call the police, and they came right out to search for prowlers. The cops would find no evidence of anyone being around the house, and left. They did tell the family that if they continued to happen to call back. This would happen over and over again until the family was calling multiple times a night. Eventually, the noises would escalate to loud booms. The police report - that is over 75 pages - would say they were sonic booms within the house. The thought was calling the police disturbed the paranormal being and triggered them.

For months after this the family was terrorized. There was random fires in the house, apparitions being seen, voices heard, the sonic booms, flying knifes, and so many other things. There was even a "creepy witch" neighbor that would move in across the street and would "lure" the youngest son over to her home.

The police in Merrill would continue to come for every call and thoroughly investigate. They even gave the family polygraph tests to find eliminate them as suspects of lying or having anything to do with what was happening with the house. When they passed with flying colors- the cops continued to investigate but got literally no where. The cops decided to call in the Michigan State Police. After the State Police did a full investigation and found the exact same things as the local police. That there is no PERSON doing these crazy ass things to the family and house. So, they do something that is almost unheard of - they deem it paranormal and pull paranormal investigators in.

The local police, the state police and the paranormal investigators all came to same conclusions . There were a lot of poltergeist activities in this home. This was the main cause of all the troubles in the house. All of the people investigating this said the same this. POLTERGUIST. This is literally one of the only times this has happened.

The investigator brought in used a spirit board which kept spelling out the word 'knives' and then knives went flying across the room. Talk about scary! These researchers brought in and got the vibe or came to the conclusion that most of the activity was centered around the youngest son. And, alot of the activity started when the weird witchy neighbor moved in across the street.

There are binders and binders within the police station outlining all the investigations done within the house. From all the police coming out to search for intruders or prowlers to all of the paranormal investigators. It even outlines all the preachers and priests NOT coming into the home because of the evil. The original police report is over 75 pages alone.

The banging noises and booming noises were so loud that their neighbors could hear them. They said that they could hear them like it was right outside their door. And, the neighbors house was quite a distance away. And, they could apparently still hear them.

The youngest son started having seizures right after the hauntings started. The family just thought it was another stretch of bad luck. But, as soon as the hauntings "stopped" the son stopped having seizures. His seizures were so bad that he was medicated for them, and the family started to believe that the medications were causing him to light fire to things. Maybe like a side effect or something. When the paranormal investigators came into the home to investigate they found that the newer neighbor had been luring this son to her home and was performing rituals on him. He had said he couldn't really remember going over there, but could remember leaving. The first night that he had went over there was the first night that he had a large seizure. This neighbor would go to this boy and ask if she could buy the house, when he would respond that they weren't selling she would persuade him to come over. He then said she'd "trim his hair and eat the hair trimmings" and it was all very ritual like.

So, I watched a couple of docuseries on this. And, there was a couple of psychics that came on to try and figure out what was going on with this house. They deduced that there was a portal on the grounds that was a big cause of the activity in the home. And, this portal could be the cause of some of the other hauntings in the area. There is a super haunted cemetery up the road from this house. And, another area that is hella haunted not too far away. So, its not a stretch that a portal could be the cause of all the paranormal activity.

There is also the thought that it is all due to satanic rituals. Which I have a problem with this theory. There is one kid saying that a weird neighbor was dancing and doing ritual things. So, it had to be Satan right? It the shows there was a little more to this theory. Basically saying that there was a cult of ritualistic like people living in the woods by the house and they were trying to take over the area. But, I don't know.

The new owners are saying they still have some activity. But, nothing like the original owners. They catch sights of a white ghost like person walking around. They have an antique radio that plays whether it is plugged in or not.

Like I said throughout this story there are a few shows on this. And, they were interesting. I would give them a watch. Some of what was in them I would call theatrical. But it was needed to keep the audience interested in the paranormal stuff.

The other thing about this story is there was alot of information out there about this BUT it was all very redundant. It was all the same thing. Loud noises, a portal, a witchy neighbor. It ended as quick as it started. But, there was really nothing on what actually made it started. I was very curious to see what actually made the hauntings start. Did the neighbor put a curse on the family? Was there a curse on the land before the family even built the house there? No one really spoke on that. I would have really like to find that out. But, it didn't happen.

What do you think? Ghosts? Portals? A neighbor? All fake?

I'm a haunt mess,



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