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Michigan's Scarrry Stories...

What is next?

I have a few ideas now that the new spooky season is here...but I don't know what to do first.

There is:

The Felt Mansion out of Holland Michigan ....

this goes into a secret looney bin & Melon Heads. Maybe another messed up family.

The Paulding Light in the U.P.

This one was well covered on some TV show. But, its a cool story with a fun history behind it.

The Ada Witch

I don't know ALOT about this. Other then it is hella scary and supposedly real.

The Bath School Massacre

Guys go crazy...blows up school?! Haunted or just sad grounds?

Michigan's Dog Man

I've heard stories of this one..its actually kinda creppy


A Roller Rink...A drag race...A collison...and a scary story to last a lifetime.

Miller Mansion

A man and a 100 cats. It does get spookier than this I PROMISE

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