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Michigan's First State Prison - Jackson

This prison was established in 1838 - stayed in full operation until 1934 and then broke off into other prisons. But, really dismantled in 1988 to 4 surrounding prisons.

The prison was known as an incredibly brutal prison. Prisoners abusing other prisoners' and guards abusing prisoners. It was really brutal. It was a widely known fact that abuse, neglect and even torture. There was also chronic overpopulation. This prison housed some of the worst prisoners of the times.

There were 2 main riots during the time of operation. And, they were pretty gnarly riots. One lasted roughly 2 weeks resulting in the National Guard being called in. There were deaths caused by this riot.

Since its time of opening there have only been 10 female prisoners housed there. One of the "best stories{" I read about a female inmate is of a woman named Sarah.

Sarah poisoned her children in 1882 as she could not afford to feed her children. The story made it sound as if she were a single mother of multiple children. Which at the time was frowned upon and the people of the town were not helping out much. So, in a time of desperation she did what she thought she had to do and unalived her kids. She obviously gets caught and goes to the State Prison in Jackson. But, in an interesting turn of events Sarah became a beloved caretaker for the Warden's children who were living on the grounds at the time. So, maybe she wasn't all bad. She just did what she thought she had to do. Some of the articles I read say that she doesn't really haunt the prison, but I can honestly see why because there aren't children in need of her anymore.

There were tunnels used to transport prisoners These tunnels are the only things left of the original prison grounds. And, said to be one of the more haunted areas of the prison and where the majority of the hauntings have taken place. These tunnels are all over the grounds of the prison.

Some of the hauntings include phantom screams, apparitions, doors slamming, banging on the pipes, and even people being touched. Some people even reported residual sounds of the riots being heard. There were voices caught on EVP pleading for help. This really isn't surprising considering how brutal this prison was reported to be.

There is said to be intensity in the rooms that once was the solitary confinement cells in the basement. It's like any happiness is sucked out of you. It also has a serious sense of sadness around it

Ghost hunters & Paranormal researchers - wait are those the same things? - visited the old prison grounds to see if they could pick anything up. Most of the reports said that they picked up some but overall very little. But, they all kept getting the smell of gardenias and the felt a female presence. Could this be Sarah?

Today, the prison grounds are the Armory Arts village, residences, and even art studios. The people who hang out in these areas or even live there say that they see apparitions of the prisoners. One of the people even used the sighting of an apparition in their art work, so I guess some of the ghosties are doing good.

Some famous people even got to hang out for a good ole stint there. These people include:

GG Alin - Punk Rock Muscian

Ron LeFluer - Minor League Baseball Dude

Tee Grizzley - Rapper

Jack Kevorkian - Physician - Pro assisted suicide dude - ya know.

Well thats another one in the books my little Hanklorians.

I have a goal of getting 100 stories done by the end of April. I am like 15ish away so be on the look out for new ones.



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