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Michigan Merman? Merkid? Mermaid?

Really, I don't know. Report's differ on what it is. Except that it's not a woman. Maybe a small man or a kid. Either way it's a mer-something.

The first sighting of the mer-whatever was in 1782. A Canadian fur trader spotted this mercreature in Lake Superior. It was almost on shore - & described as child like features with brownish skin and brilliant extreme eyes. He couldn't quite believe his eyes - but took everything in - or so the story goes.

The first instinct of the trappers who saw this fish man thing was to of course shoot at it.

White men, amirite? But, a member of the Ojibwa who was on the boat with them stopped them right before they could shoot the creature. The member of the tribe told the trappers that it was incredibly bad luck to even threaten one of these creatures; let alone injure it. And, they stressed how important it was to be respectful to all water creatures (and Gods) and to NEVER threaten them. The repercussions could be deadly.

Well, wouldn't you know it ...not only 3 days later a huge storm rolls through Lake Superior and makes it HELLA difficult to sail through. Then, shortly after this storm a freak accident happens and a gun goes off and bullet hits one of the trappers that was threating the Lake Superior creature and then the trapper dies due to his injuries. So, maybe listen - or FAFO.

30 years after the first sighting the fur trader went on to sign a legal document saying that this merman was real and solidified his sightings. He even had people backing his sighting up.

To this day there are some sightings of this merman. And, he really doesn't mess with you. As long as you don't mess with it.

So, there is some belief that the Merman that was sighted really is just a story that steams from Ojibwa's Maymaygwashi. This creature is a Mer-like child - but is incredibly hairy.

Some of the descriptors for this creature were:

Child-like upper body

Hairy body

Hides among the rocks but still favors the water

Round Head

Six Fingers

3ish Feet tall

What do you think could Superior have a merman?



What story should we do next?

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