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Lets go North!

The Terrace Inn is located in beautiful Petoskey historical bay. This was built in 1911, and originally built as more of a boarding house but quickly turned into a hotel (or Inn). This is a 38 room Victorian resort. And, quite frankly breathtaking. It is also now home to the 1911 restaurant.

Since the building and opening of this beautiful inn there have been at least 3 deaths accounted for on the property.

1 story is of 2 men who fell off of beam and died upon hitting the ground. There aren't many stories of these men who really tragically died haunting the grounds. Maybe they just had a fulfilling life. Who knows.

The 2nd story is of a woman named Elizabeth who stayed in room 211. She was pregnant, and excited to become a mother - from what the stories say. She slipped somewhere in the room. Upon her slippage she miscarried, and from the miscarriage she died in the room. One news article said she was pregnant with twins. From all of this her husband later died due to a broken heart....okay Hanklorians I am not gonna lie to you - cuz when do I ever - but this story broke me. And, to clarify Elizabeth's husband did not die in the Terrace Inn. Just died due to her death.

In another article Elizabeth's husband - whose name was Edward did die in the Inn. He came back years later and visited the Terrace Inn. He stayed in room 308 and died.

So, lets get down to what guests have said they have witnessed and heard in this place.

There are 3 main ghosts that are known to hang out in the Terrace Inn.

1st - A woman seen to wander the halls and all 38 rooms. It is rumored that it is Elizabeth. It is guessed that this lady ghost, the maybe Elizabeth ghost is searching for her husband who she is missing in her afterlife.

2nd- A man in a tweed suit who lurks on the balconies. He has been seen on multiple balconies. Some say he is Elizabeth's husband and they are constantly looking for one another but can never find each other. I think it is a really sweet story, but I don't know that it is her husband...maybe just another random dude.

3rd - This ghost is of a young boy and he resides in the basement. Those who have seen this ghost say he is between 12 & 14 years old. He does not leave the basement are. But, he does interact with guests who stumble upon him.

While these are the 3 main ghosts that guests speak of... many guests speak of other voices and footsteps. Some have said it has sounded like way more than 3 ghosts at any given time. It is just the 3 ghosts mentioned above that are the most constant. Some of the guests of this Inn have reported the sounds of a party although there is no party happening.

There are 2 really really cool things that this inn does. The first is on their website there is a disclaimer or warning of sorts that says that they recognize that there is paranormal activity but there is nothing to worry about. They are NOT negative spirits. This even tells you what room to stay in if you want to get a feel for what room(s) are the most haunted.

The other really cool thing that I read about was a folder that the Inn keeps of all the paranormal activity that happens. You can request the folder and look through it during your stay. And, if you have an experience you can add to it. This is a really cool thing for an Inn to have. They are embracing the spooky culture. And, ya know this Hank looooves this.

Maybe I will reserve room 211 and request the folder for some light reading. Maybe they got a jet tub and a bottle of wine? Maybe a good view. Who knows? Maybe the dude ghost is handsome? I digress. (and maybe fantasize tooooo)

What do you think my little Hanklorian? Wanna go stay?



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1 Comment

Chell Newland
Chell Newland
Jun 29, 2022

A weekend in Petoskey sounds nice.

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