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Let's get a little mouthy....

Once again I had a little writers block - I really feel like I am running out of stories. I know I'm not but i feel like I am. So, I took it to the book of faces, and asked for some stories that people would like...and this one was one that stuck out.

Mouth Cemetery

This cemetery is over 165 years old, but is not really kept up with anymore. It is very over grown and fallen into despair. One of the oldest headstones within the cemetery has a date of 1851, but there are multiple headstones that are noted to be much older than that. The cemetery gets its name as it is close to the mouth of the river. There are stories that an Indian tribe was once where this cemetery is located which would attribute to some of the haunted stories.

Over the years many individuals have reported the same things that are spooky. There have been reports of footsteps, a strange mist, sights of a young girl who is dressed in old-timey clothes, and sounds of screams. There have even been reports of feelings of hands wrapping around one's neck.

One other strange thing that this cemetery offers..wait is offers a good word? There is a cursed chair that was once in this cemetery. Bad things are said to come to who ever dares sit in this chair. A young boy sat in this chair in the cemetery - ya know typical goofin'- and a year to the day after sitting in the cursed chair this young man was killed in a car accident. There is a divide in the population in why this could have happened to this young man. Was it just a coincidence or was it the curse? There were so many people either trying to visit the chair or vandalize the chair that local police removed the chair.

What do you think? Have you been there? Tell me...I want to know everything.





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