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Knock Knock...whose there?

So, I am super excited for this one. It is a baby Hank recommendation. (my son told me to research and write it.) And, it is literally what started Hank's Lore. There is hardly any known origin to this story. It is just one that has multiple origins and a whole lotta people talking about it.

Let's get into the story of the Ghost of Knock Knock Road - or The Ghost of Strasburg road. This story takes place in Detroit. And, I honestly wish I could give you a good time frame of when all this shiz went down..but I will try to out line everything in the stories.

In roughly the early 1950's a car is cruising' down Strasburg road. During this late night cruise, the driver hit a little girl and drug her body under his vehicle. Instead of stopping and checking to see if everything was okay the driver was trying to flee. Little did this driver know the little girl was alive and was knocking on his fender to get his attention. This little girl is said to die from the injuries later.

Since the 1950's anyone who travels down Strasburg Road will hear a knocking coming from their fender. It is said to be this little girl letting the driver know to stop and check out their car.

At one point this road and legend became so popular local authorities had to put road blocks up to stop anyone from going down this road. The police would literally patrol this area to make sure no one was ghost hunting. I don't know if they were trying to avoid another accident or accidents. Or, why they were worried about it. But, it happened.

Another one of the versions of this story is of a girl who was also hit by a car in 1962. A car was driving down this same road and hit a girl. This driver was said to be fully aware that they hit a person but they didn't stop because they were afraid of the repercussions of their actions. Now, this girl haunts the road and specifically the drivers on Strasburg road.

The knocking is heard on this road, and it is said to be the sound like "thunk, thunk, thunk." This thunking or knocking is almost always heard on this stretch of road.

Another version of this story is of a little girl in 1973. She was travelling with her family. A little family vacation if you will. Well, the little girl was in the backseat, and her door wasn't properly shut and secured. And, wouldn't ya know it she fell from this door as it fully came unlatched. A knocking sound came from her body hitting the car and then from her body being drug along.

I will say this story is said to have taken place closer to Sterling Heights than to Detroit so I don't know that it is actually knock knock road related or not. But, it does show up as one of the stories that could explain the knocks that people hear. And either way it is a story that should be told. Thank god car doors alert you when they are not shut all the way.

Another version of this is again of a little girl. She was riding a new bicycle down the road she lived on. Wanna take a guess on which road this is...I am sure you guessed it. It was actually just a little down the road from some of the original stories. Well as any young child might, she veered a little into traffic. But, enough into the traffic that a car hits her. In this version though the little girl is immediately found and she gets laid to rest. However, her spirit hangs out because she's not done riding that bike. So, she spends her time knocking on the cars who pass by.

There are even accounts of people speeding and their cars veering off the road on their own. The ghost of this road doesn't want tragedies that (maybe) have happened in the past to happen again. So, it's a ghost who is protecting their street.

Like I said before, this type of story is literally what started Hank's Lore. No one is for 100% sure what started this lore but its there and people chase it. They talk about it all the time. And, that is what this thrives on. The stories are all dependent on who you talk to or what story you read. Reading on this, and getting some facts down (well, trying to) I stumble upon multiple versions. They were all similar but differed enough that it made the story different.

What do you think? Will you be visiting Knock Knock Road? Should we plan a Hank's Lore Field Trip?




**And a really big request from my baby Hanklorian my son.

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2 comentarii

Brysin Humphrey
Brysin Humphrey
10 iul. 2022

I’m her son :)


Chell Newland
Chell Newland
29 iun. 2022

Field trip to Knock Knock rd!!!!!!

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