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Hell's Bridge : Facts

The first BIGGEST difference was the name of the main person. I had always been told it was Fisk when really it was Friske. To me this is a HUGE difference. It makes finding the facts of the story harder because you are looking for the wrong name. It also made little sense to me because there is a road name “Friske” and I couldn’t figure out why they would change it ever so slightly.

Another difference that was sort of big for me was the description of Elias. I was always told he was a kind man. One that you really trusted. But, according to everything that I read about this..Elias was actually a little crazy. He constantly preached about Fire and Brimstone. He thought the town was doomed from the very beginning. [Side Bar: It makes you think of the mental health of all these people as they heard him say that this town would pay for being sinners, yet they did absolutely nothing to stop him]

Some random facts

Rockford was originally called LaphamvilleNamed after founder Smith LaphamSettled in roughly 1843Became Rockford in 1865An alternative spelling to Friske is FryskeThe same rope that was used to tie the town’s children up was used to hang EliasThere is actually a fan-fiction about the TV show Supernatural and Hells Bridge ( )According to the book, Algoma Ghost by Russell Slater, Friske actually confessed to the murders of the children.

What is said to be heard on the bridge or surrounding area varies from person to person. As do the stories.

Are you brave enough to go?

I know I am.

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