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Guardians of the Copper



Let's do a little recapping before we get into some ooky spooky story telling:

First, the giveaway is still going on. All you have to do is go to the giveaway post and post your lore or paranormal experience and you are entered in the giveaway!! There is only 1 entry as of today!

Second, soon merch will be offered all the time. I am working on it. I am super excited to be offering this.

And, tonight's story was picked by my number one Hanklorian. My husband!

Karen (my husband..not his real name) had never heard of this story..but found it and really wanted this to be tonights here we go.

There are 2 major things found in the waters of Lake Superior....Copper and Spirits. These spirits rule the lake waters. The spirits of the waters was Mishipeshu. Also known as the water panther. The Mishipeshu had curved horns, a serpentlike tale, and dagger like spines running along its back. The Mishipeshu not only guarded all 5 of the great lakes...and let me tell ya these lakes are GREAT, but guarded the copper found in Lake Superior. This creature is ancient, and many people have mined in this lake only to be unharmed by this cryptid.

These "water panthers" have been seen throughout all 5 of the great lakes. It has been thought that they prefer murky deep water. But, Lake Superior homes the most of them as it is the deepest of these lakes. These creatures also have an overwhelming need to guard things. This is another reason why Superior has a greater appeal as it is home to more copper than any of the other great lakes.

As early as the 1600's the "white men" came to mine the copper found in northern Michigan and the Ojibwa tribe found this to not be only taboo but forbidden. It was protected waters. It was considered to be copper-napping. Doing this brought bad juju to the land but more importantly disrespected the Mishipeshu himself. This was something that was simply NOT done. The outcome was not only unknown but also thought to be deadly.

One of the older stories of the consequences of this beast was of Claude Dablon. He told the story that 4 Ojibwa made a trip to Michipecoten Island to obtain copper to heat water. The minute they shoved off of the island in their canoe with the copper they heard the screeching of the water panther coming after them. They were being accused of stealing the playthings of the water panthers children. All 4 of these men died under mysterious circumstances. And, painfully during the route back to their village. Only one surviving long enough to retell the story and warn everyone else in his final moments to not mine the copper EVER.

As Northern Michigan was being settled more and more into the 1840's. The copper rush started as people realized the value of this metal. The stories of the water panther also died down. This didn't stop bad things from happening to those who took copper from this water. Manny accidents happened to the men and woman who took copper from the Keweenaw Peninsula.

In 1877, the steamer The Cumberland was lost at Rock of Ages Reef on Isle Royale. This was attributed to the copper guarder Michipieshu. Well, those who believed in the legend of this creature that is. Others just believed it was just an unfortunate accident.

Another ship, The Algoma, was caught in a storm in 1855. Over 40 people died on board due to this storm. Take a wild guess on what was on this freakin guessed it. COPPER. FROM THE KEWEENAW PENINSULA. This monster does not like its metal being taken. Cue Golem from Lord of the Rings "my precious" anyone? someone in the back? okay, I digress...

(I'd also like to point out my husband didn't appreciate my LoTR reference either...)

The little island of the Isle Royale built 4 lighthouses which were intended to help ships avoid the Mishipeshu's growl, But, over 9 ships were lost around this island alone. It didn't seem to help.

What is even crazier is this isn't even the only water creature in this body of water. There is also the horned serpent that the Ojbwa called the Mishi Ginabig. This is described as having "immense antlers and was as big as the largest pines." HOLY WATER CREATURE. There is alot of confusion between the Mishi Ginabig and the Mishipeshu because of translation issues. But the biggest difference is the Mishi Ginabig is a sea serpent while the Mishipeshu has legs.

The Mishi Ginabig was reportedly seen by a group of Ojibwa in the early 1800's. But, as soon as a good sight was mad a force of lightening came and brought out this creatures biggest threat. The thunderbird. The thunderbird pulled the Mishi Ginabig out of the water bringing it up into the sky. It then disappeared from view.

There are also stories of Lake Superior being home to many merman and mermaids. I find this to be super cool...they have been witnessed and described to be gorgeous with waste long hair. Many "white men" called the mermaids sirens as they called out to the men in the water. This one might have to be a story on its own because it calls out to the little girl in me!



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