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Fort Gratiot Lighthouse

This is the second lighthouse in our lighthouse tour. And, its a short little one. But, it does have a friendly ghost. And really minimal activity. But, it's kind of wholesome that I felt it needed a feature.

Drum roll please ....Fort Gratiot Lighthouse

This was built in 1814 during the war of 1812. It was used as a fort for the war, and then became a lighthouse after the war was over. It was used to guard the juncture of the St. Claire River and Lake Huron. - Apparently that was super important - insert shoulder shrug here - I know nothing about this.

This lighthouse is one of Michigan's oldest lighthouses. It was officially opened as a lighthouse in 1825. For Gratiot Lighthouse was then rebuilt 2 more times. Once in 1829 & again in 1861. There is a 94 step winding stair case that leads to the top of a 86 foot tall tower. Big boy it is. Later on a gift shop was added.

There is really only one ghost. And, he's not even a bad ghost. It is said to be the ghost of the longest caretaker. Mr. Robert Hanford. Also known as Lighthouse Bob. He was the lighthouse keeper for over 20 years and loved doing it.

Lighthouse Bob died in June of 2010 in Port Huron Hospital at the age of 84. People say his soul went to the lighthouse and now he stays the caretaker after his death. Which is sweet.

People have caught glimpses of him out of the corner of his eye, and they really aren't scared.

This was a shorty for sure. But, I really felt like it needed to be said. It was a good one, and it shows not all ghosts are bad guys. Some just wanna spend their afterlife in a lighthouse.



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