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Hi Hanklorians!!

So, I have been thinkin about this for awhile...and I am doin' it. Takin' the plunge.

I am going to do a giveaway of Hank's Lore Merch....

It will be your choice of a Hank's Lore T-Shirt OR Tumbler..

To have a chance to get this all you have to is....share a MICHIGAN PARANORMAL OR LORE Story that you have experienced in the comments section....

I will do a random selection from them....may the odds be forever in your favor.



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Chell Newland
Chell Newland

When I was little I used to stay the night at my Grandma's. I would sleep upstairs in the middle bedroom and you would have to walk through that bedroom to get to my uncles bedroom. If he came home late, after I was asleep, he would always say, " go back to sleep Chell its just me". When I was in the 3rd or 4h grade and he was 18 he was killed in a car accident. Not too long after his death I was once again spending the night at my Grandma's and sleeping in the upstairs bedroom. I was sleeping but woke up to hearing footsteps on the uncarpeted stairs then heard my Uncles voice say "g…

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