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Fenton Hotel

Let's start with a timeline:

1856 - Built

pivotal in the railroad movement - great spot for those who needed a place to stay as the railroad business boomed

1868 - Abner Roberts owned the then home - he called it the Fenton House

1882 - D.W. DeNio Purchased the Fenton House

DeNio began to make improvements to the Fenton House

He added a ballroom, and dinning quarters

He envisioned this to be grand and elaborate

1898 - Mr. Hurd became the owner of the Fenton House

Hurd added employee rooms & a large kitchen

1916 (ish) - T.J. Dumanois acquires the Linden Hotel, then buys the Fenton House and turns it into a hotel

Hotel gets closed down briefly due to prohibition.

1933 - Fenton Hotel reopened & managed by Dumanois's son

Fun Fact - The Fenton Hotel was the first hotel to gain a liquor license after the prohibition

1946 - Hotel is purchased by Ray & Ann O'Reilly

1997 - Nick & Peggy Sorise purchase the hotel

From 1946 to Now, the hotel portion of the Fenton Hotel is/was used less and less. It is used more and more as a fine dining establishment.

Over the last 160 or so years there have been guests that checked in but never checked out. Hotel California Vibes y'all! Now, it is said that these souls just hang out forever. The hotel portion has stayed in tact, in some of the rooms there are things from when it was originally built this gives the building a historical marker.

Now, the ghosties....

One of the Fenton Hotel Ghosts is said to be named Emery..which was the hotel's custodian. His room was located in the basement...if he is still there is he still the custodian? Or, would he be the pervious custodian? Emery's footsteps are heard walking around all the floors of the hotel. He is heard rustling around his room..his old room?...something....which has stayed unoccupied since his passing..

People also report being grabbed by the arms all throughout the restaurant and bar portion of the Fenton Hotel.

The Bar in the hotel seems to house a large majority of the paranormal activity. One of the bartenders said that they have seen glasses jumping off their perch. Then they just go flying across the room. Multiple bartenders have heard their name be called but the bar will be completely empty. There is complaints of being groped, touched and even smacked. Customers have reported seeing their bartenders getting hugged but the bartender will swear no one was there or that they weren't being hugged.

Then there is the ghost at table 32. This apparently only happens at table 32. A man will appear from time to time. Just sitting at table 32. He will order a drink. specifically a Jack Daniels. After the drink is poured and the server comes back..the man is gone. It is speculated that this ghost will either realize he is dead and cannot drink it & will disappear. Or, he will realize he cannot pay & will disappear. But, this begs the question, can a ghost want a drink SOOOO bad that he can make himself appear just to order the drink and no enjoy it? I don't know.

The 3rd floor of the Fenton Hotel is where all of the cheapest rooms were available. These rooms were rented out most commonly to the ladies of the night. I instantly thought of Pretty Woman when I read about this...she says something like "I have been here, they do rent this out by the hour" this of the prostitutes gets pregnant by her Jon's and cannot handle this. She hangs herself in the room in the Fenton Hotel. A lot of people say the prostitute is still in the hotel. She likes one of the bathrooms. There was a guest who reported that she was in a stall doing her business and she felt someone touch her hair, okay cool, but then her hair was pulled. She noped out of there pretty quick.

A few other things:

A ghost cat -- HEY I HAVE ONE OF THOSE

An ass grabbing ghost

voices coming out of a turned off PA system

whispering female voices heard

visions of a tall man in a top hat

a vision of a bearded man

windows opening and shutting on their own

voices and footsteps heard in empty rooms

lights turning on and off

water turning on and off

So a little side note on the ass grabbing ghost from above....apparently he gets extra ass grabby around the holiday season. When holiday parties happen at the bar and restaurant many servers, bartenders and even customers have reported getting groped on their behind and turning around to say WHAT THE HELL and no one being there.

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