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Can we record on a Stone?

Forewarning - this will be a shorty.

I listen to a lot of Podcasts - and would eventually like to turn this into one. But, that's not why we are here. I was listening to a podcast..which one? Who knows? But, I heard this theory that completely fascinates me. It is called the Stone Tape Theory.

This theory basically states that any traumatic or emotional event can be imprinted onto stones or rocks. And, this is where residual hauntings would come from. The stones have literal actions of an event imprinted on them. What I didn't quite understand is how to get the play back - like do you put the stone in a VCR? I don't know but, it was very interesting.

This theory was first called "place memory" and was linked completely with spiritualism in the early 1900's or the late 19th century. Basically you hold an item and it "tells" you what happened to the person wearing the item. This same thing is done within the psychic community when they read what happened in a room by touching the walls or area.

This theory is also very closely linked with psychometry. Psychometry means measuring the soul. This is basically the same thing as the above. Its the idea that you can learn about a person or a thing by touching an object. Again, this is used by the psychic and clairvoyant community.

This Stone Tape Theory was used and reflected on heavily until the late 1930's.

What do you think? Can an event if really truly traumatic be recorded on a stone?



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