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Being a Michigander...

So, along with the lore and legends of Michigan there is the a whole ass culture of Michigan. We say our words different - i.e. Milk pronounced MELK.

We are obsessed with the shape of our state - I mean c'mon it's a freakin mitten - we can use it as a map - you know you've done it - pulled out your hand and said we are going rigghhhtt here and pointed to where you are going on your hand...

We get soooo excited when someone who is now famous came from our neck of the woods - like Kid Rock - like dude how'd he come from MICHIGAN - or Eminem. Like, 8 Mile, Bro. He's a real, G. We legit have a culture all our own. And, yes I am fully aware that every state loves their state and creates their own cultures but Michigan is almost (almost) cult like.

Here are a few of my favorite Michigan things that other states just don't get:

Party stores -

No, its not where you go get party supplies. Its just a store to get your beer, liquor and some quick snacks. You could call it a liquor store. But, really what is the fun in that. So, really you are getting the party at the party store. ;)

Yooper -

A yooper is anyone who lives in the UP. Pretty simple. (insert a shrugs shoulder emoji here)

Troll -

Opposite a troll - anyone who lives under the Mackinaw bridge. (again, insert a shrugs shoulder emoji)

The Thumb -

As I referenced earlier - Michigan is shaped like a mitten so we get to use our hands as a map - so the Thumb is a reference to a whole ass part of our state - it really is kinda cool.

Superman -

Not the superhero, but the freakin ice cream. Michigan is home to superman ice cream, and while it is not my favorite it is still pretty good - and pretty cool that it is a Michigan thing.

The Soo -

Basically, the whole Sault St. Marie area

Euchre -

A card game - probably one of my absolute favorites - similar to spades.

Secretary of State (but pronounced as Secretariah State) -

Basically the DMV

I love Michigan - and all of our Cult like following.



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