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Back to the spooky

The last post was a good change up! Added some true crime - which speaks to my spooky soul.

So, I figured we'd go back to my roots. With a spooky haunted road.

This one has been on my list to research and do for a hot minute - but then someone asks for another one - or I forget to do it and do something completely different.

Let's take a trip to somewhere near Gobles, MI. And, if Mr. Hank reads that he will laugh at me because I once pronounced that as Gobbles. Like what a turkey does. But, this has nothing to do with turkeys and everything to with a haunted road. This road crossed Campbell Creek.

The story goes a little something like this:

In the 1980's a dude gets super paranoid. And, decides to build a fall-out shelter. Because obviously the end of times is coming. At first he doesn't ask or demand that his family moves down there, but that is really short lived. Eventually his paranoia gets worse and this man full out demands that they live in this fall out shelter. The apocalypse is coming after all and they NEED to be prepared for what is coming. This guy was seriously convinced the whole world was ending and there was really no way to stop it.

You would think things would be going okay. They are safe from the world crumbling around them. They will survive the end of the world. But, you would be wrong. At some point this man's paranoia gets so bad he makes the decision to kill himself and his whole family. With a hatchet. I guess he killed himself with the hatchet as well.

So this brings us to now & Hatchet Road.

Stories say that you can see the man and his family wandering the road.

You can see a ghostly white face in the tree line - its said to look like a little girl.

If you are driving through this area when it gets dark you can see dark shadows in front of you.

People have also reported their cars idling or accelerating on their own

Electronics will stop working in this area - so it has been difficult to get these experiences on any sort of film.

There have been unexplainable flashing lights - usually in the colors red or orange

What is a little crazier to me is that this stretch of road has been attracting people that dress up like clowns to jump out and scare people. Of all places - a haunted road. Really?

People have even reported moans and screaming. But they are unable to find the source of these noises.

One person said that a car - an 80's model - try to run them off the road .But, when they went this person finally found a spot to turn around and they tried to locate the car that was chasing them down there was absolutely nothing there.

The biggest takeaway I got from this area was all of this was happening in both the daylight and the night time. So you are not safe on Hatchet Road no matter the time of day.

What's next? More spooky, more true crime? maybe both? You tell me!!!



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