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Ada Witch - real experience

So, I was talking to my ex-husband cuz we are friends and stuff. And he was telling me about his Ada witch experience. And, you already know I had to come and share with you fine feathered friends..

Here’s his text:

“It was a group of us. Michael, Tony, Jessica, jake and maybe one more person. It was about 1 am. Pitch black. You can’t see shit! I chocked up what I saw to just my eyes playing tricks on me. Shadows. People moving but no one being there. We would see like a figure go from gravestone to a bush and go investigate. Nothing. But man, we heard some trippy noises. Individual whispers of incoherent words. Whistling. Random thuds. But the one thing that turned me from a skeptic into a believer. I full blown believer. Right around 2ish, we were walking down the path. I was all the way in the back. About five feet behind everyone. I felt this tug on my t shirt. I told myself it was a bush. You know because of the over abundance of foliage on the path. About 30 seconds later, there was another tug. Hard, like my shirt got tight on my throat. At that point I said “NOPE!!!” And I ran for my life to the van. Everyone else began running out of fear Bc they saw me running lol. I went back not long after that. And I had this overwhelming fear that I shouldn’t be there. Didn’t stay as long. And no weird experience the second time”
Then I of course asked if he knew any stories of happened or who the witch was. Because of course I want every side of the story...
“Not so much. Man caught the wife bang a dude in the park. Killed them. Like hacked them up. She’s supposedly haunts the cemetery Bc she’s buried somewhere in there. But I heard the park is way more haunted. It’s a huge park. I haven’t tried to muster up the courage to even go there”

Guess I beg him to go with me, right?!

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