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A Series of sorts...

So, I had a suggestion of a few different haunted lighthouses. But, while researching I have found that they all have similar stories. And, they are all shorter stories. Even, though this seems to be a harder one to write it seems to be one that is a million percent worth writing about. It gave the idea to make a series of mini posts about these light houses. I really cannot tell you how many posts this series will be but as I find the stories I will make a post - so this will most likely be an on going series. I will be doing a similar series on ghost ships (can we say Edmund Fitzgerald?!)

Today's Lighthouse Mini is about the Seul Choix Point Light House - Located in Schoolcraft, Mi. Specifically Gulliver Michigan. (PS If i already did this one I don't know what to tell ya)

In French this lighthouse name means Only Choice. This lighthouse was put into place in 1892 to aid in lack of lighthouses for over 100 miles on the Michigan Upper Peninsula's southern shoreline. There were 3 separate buildings built for this location: the lighthouse itself, the foghorn building and a lifesaving building.

A song was recorded specifically about this lighthouse. Its called "The Ballad of Seul Choix Lighthouse"

This lighthouse has been described as one of the scariest places on earth.

The Seul Choix Lighthouse is/was the only active lighthouse on this part of the UP's shoreline.

There a few spirits that are said to haunt this lighthouse. The main spirit is that of Captain Joseph Willie Townsend. He was the head lightkeeper in the early 1900's. He died at the age of 63 in 1910. There is no known cause of death of Mr. Townsend. But, cancer is one of the main ideas that has been passed around. He was a heavy cigar smoker. His body was also embalmed in the basement of the lighthouse. So, here is why people think he's still hanging around is his face has been seen over 13 times in the upstairs mirrors. There is also a strong smell of the cigars that Captain Townsend smoked lingering in all the spots that he once spent his time.

There are sounds of an old phonograph are heard all throughout the lighthouse. Even though there is no phonograph in the building. Batteries and other electronics will die for no apparent reason - and many researchers will say it is most likely due to paranormal activity.

The hauntings did not really start until the original furniture started being moved. Once the furniture was moved a lot of activity began.

There is a ghostly man seen walking around the grounds but he never responds when he is called out to. Most of the people who see him allow him to have his ghostly walk-about.

Children's toys will be thrown all over the floor even though they were all in their respective homes when the caretaker of the lighthouse left the room. This will happen whether kids have been visited or not.

Then of course there are the typical disembodied voices and creepy aspirations.

I have not been to visit this lighthouse yet. So, lets plan a trip to see it together. What do you think.

Okay, I love you my little Hanklorians.



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