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A mini - & In progress - MILLER MANSION

This is my favorite story of all time. Probably ever. It's one that I have begged my dad to tell me and retell me year after year. And, since I was probably 6. I am obsessed.

2 words my friend. Miller Mansion. And, let me warn you that it is HARD to find anything substantial on this. I could find some genealogy articles but it really didn't tell me much. So, this one will be an ongoing one. Because I am BY FAR DONE. I need to know more. But, I also wanted to get out what I do know.

There is some land located on Miller Rd, between Fenwick Rd and Boyer Rd. Where this land is there was once a large house. It was known as Miller Mansion. This house was torn down (I think because it was run down - but I really don't know for sure)

So, the story that my dad told me:

There was a big old farm house. And, it was next to a farm house. The gravestones would supposedly glow...they think it was because of cars passing by and shining their lights onto the graves. People also saw ghosts and creepy stuff.

There was a man back in the day that killed his whole family. And, after he killed them he locked himself in a room. No one knows how he got in there because there was no door to get in. He was sitting in a rocking chair and there were like a 100 cats in this room. They were banging on walls and doors. The house was so dilapidated that when they did this a room kind of just appeared. It was like he built the room around him after he killed his family. He disappeared after his families deaths. He was found YEARS later. They had condemned the house, and when they went to check it out that is when they found his skeleton....and skeletons of a shit ton of cats.

This room he was in had no doors in and no window on the inside. Although, there was a window on the outside. So, this dude basically made this room around him. Just to seal himself in and make sure no one would find him.

After hearing this story again...I was like OMG I want to know absolutely everything. But, that is proving to be difficult. I made a Facebook post and had my mom share it in her Belding and Greenville groups that she is apart of. Everyone on there can just remember the house being a party house because no one was ever out there.

My dad had went to a party or 2 out at old Miller Mansion and he said it was creepy as hell. Someone had even put a coffin in the middle of the room so people could drink and party around it. That is creepy in itself.

But other than that no one knows a whole lot.

I wonder how much truth there is to this one.

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