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A little different direction...

Hey my creepy friends...todays is going to be a little different.

I was at work, and a co-worker does daily trivia and yesterday's was about good ole Michigan. And, one that caught my eye.

Did you know that Colon, Michigan (yes, I laughed at the name too) is the Magic Capital of the world. I am sure that this is a self proclaimed name. But, it is super cool none the less.

In their local cemetery there are over 30 magicians burried. This is more than in any other cemetery. Some of the names that are mentioned as to spending their afterlife in this area are: Blackstone, Don Alan, Monk Watson, The Amazing Conklins, Jack Gwynne, Karrell Fox, and Bob Lund. There are dozens more said to be burried here.

In the early 1900's medicine men would come to Colon, and sell their snake oil medicine, but also put on their magic shows. Crowds and crowds would gather to watch the shows, and also to buy what was sellin'. One of the local druggists learned some of the tricks being done, and would incorporate this to his store. He would add some chemicals to water, make it change to wine, and then change it back to water. Bam! A show and some good sales too. He would pass this onto another man, and so on. This started a whole area of magic shows.

Then in 1925, World Famous Magician Harry Blackstone would move to Colon. He would preform illusion shows and tour throughout the US. Although, his home base would remain in Colon, MI. In 1927, Blackstone would invite Australian Ventriloquist and magician Percy Abbott to Colon. He took the opportunity and moved there. It was short lived, eventually he would leave and never speak to Blackstone again.

You can even watch a reenactment of Percy and Blackstone's falling out on stage for a small admission fee. Which I think is a great way to keep the magic alive. (ayoooo.. get it? magic? ah, I digress)

Now, every year since the 1960's there is a Magic Get together. This is a Festival of magic acts that people can come watch. There are talent contests, different types of performances..such as acrobatics, ventriloquism, slight of hand and literally everything in between. There have been hundreds of performers over the years, and continues to go strong.

There are multiple opportunities to get your magic on in Colon. There are 31 days of Magic in April, which is all Magic performances. There is Magic Week in August which is all demonstrations and the public is encouraged to come. There are multiple Magic Camps offering classes to teach the magical ways. There are stores for souvenirs and even for magic supplies.

This town will not make you think of Harry Potter in the slightest. But, a bunch of people doing some card tricks and some other fun stuff to keep you on your toes. It's made it's stance as a town to be full of magic, and has really stayed that way since becoming a spot on Michigan's map. I, for one, cannot wait to go visit. To be filled with illusion and wonder is a way to keep your mind and soul young.

Creep it Real my friends,



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