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A giant squirrel?

Well, I am finally facing one of my greatest fears. Squirrels. But, this is a story that needs to be told.

Apparently there is a giant green squirrel that has been terrorizing the small town (is it a town?) of Amble, Michigan. Amble is a stones throw away from the Howard City area.

It is said that as it gets darkish out, and when people drink a little too much. A giant green squirrel is seen. This squirrel is said to be the size of a small cow - or a Buick. The eyes of this beast are a red color; sometimes brown or yellow. And, depending on who has had a sighting of this creature. The eye color has been aquamarine, or even green. The most important fact on this creature is the fact that it's green. The. Squirrel. Is. Green.

The giant green squirrel is typically seen at night. And, most frequently when the moon is out - and it doesn't have to be a full moon either. The moon just needs to be out. I guess it attracts the nuts better? I don't know. Just something I read.

Amble is a borderline ghost town. So, I guess a green squirrel is what is there to keep the locals entertained.

That's really all I have on this beast. Other than I hope I never EVER EVER run into it. I will pee my pants.

What do you think?

Green Squirrel exists?



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