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Witchy Wolves

I was listening to something and heard them say something about Witchy wolves. My ears instantly perked up. I had to know more. & please don't ask what I was listening to because I couldn't tell you. I just know I heard it and HAD to know more.

So today we get to talk about a cryptid of the Omer Plains area. This is the area the Witchy Wolves are most seen and heard from. I mean if you have seen one someplace other than this are PLEASE TELL ME RIGHT NOW. I beg you.

Omer Plains really isn't known for much. I guess its got really good sucker fishing. And it's got the reputation to be Michigan's smallest town. I read that they were originally named Homer Plains, but there was already a Homer, Michigan so they literally just dropped the first H and changed it to Omer.

Native American's settled this area in the 1860's This is the general thought of where the legend of the Witchy wolves started. As this was one story they held a lot of belief in and passed down the stories of the witchy wolves from generation to generation

This cryptid stems from the Chippewa tribe and their legends. The witchy wolves have shown up in stories for over 200 years. There are, of course, variations of this wolf but the origins stories are all very similar.

It is essentially a half wolf-half dog that protects the dead warriors of any Native American - the stories mostly of the Chippewa. Especially of those warriors whose burial site has been forgotten about - or not respected. Oh, and they attack those people that they deem as trespassers.

This origin story comes in handy because there is a long time debate with the Omer Plains residents on the likelihood that an Indian Burial ground is actually in this area or not. So with the rise in people seeing these Witchy wolves and this thought process of an old lost Indian Burial ground - people do tend to lean towards there being a burial ground. It is just not 100% on where it is located.

The wooded area of Omer Plains gives people the creeps, And, all of the cemeteries in the area also give people the heebs. It is especially creepy where the rifle river flows through the land. This gives credit to the theory that bodies of water house spirits or allows them to conduct more freely. The individuals who live along the rifle river in Omer Plains say they have seen not only the Witchy wolves, but they have seen what they have described as ghostly people,

One resident of the Omar Plains said he saw the Witchy wolf in the 1970's. Or, rather heard the Witchy Wolf. He was in the woods and heard the high pitched laughing bark. Which is exactly what the Witchy Wolves call is described as.

Teens of the area say that they go out to the woods where the Witchy wolf is known to be seen. They drive into the area with no scratches and dents in their vehicle but when they come out their car is scratched and dented. Its almost as if a dog-wolf like animal jumped up and scratched their cars.

Another story I read that really made me feel very intrigued in the legend was that of a civil war soldier from that area. His family lived in the area and he went to fight. Well he was captured and kept in a POW camp in Georgia. He was killed and eventually his remains were sent back to his family. I guess all of his remains fit in a shoe box. So, his family take the remains and put them in a full size coffin and give him a proper burial. Well over the next year or so people would go visit this war hero's grave. The story then says after a particularly rough Winter someone goes to visit the grave, and finds the grave dug up and in the place of his coffin is a mama wolf and her pups. People naturally go to look at this grave, and the mama wolf goes crazy. She starts snarling and growling. Well people then take the defensive pose and then that's when they start seeing a shit ton of wolves come out of the forested area. So they back off. And of course people start saying that this wolf was not ordinary. She was said to be a vampire, a werewolf, and of course a Witchy wolf

What do you think of this legand?



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