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HIIII! I have a few new members! And, I never did an actual welcome post. Soooo I figured I better get on it.

First of all THANK you so so much for subscribing and reading my posts. I love this blog so much and the content that I am able to put out.

A little about me! I am Sam, or Hank. My husband started calling me Hank and now quite a few people call me that. That's where we get Hank's Lore. I am a mom of 3 beautiful babies. [Not really babies anymore, 12,11,8] And, a fur momma. I am a wife. And, most importantly to you a lover of all things super natural. I love all ghost stories, legends and lore. I am also a die hard Michigander. I am obsessed with my state. So, I thought I would marry the 2 and give you Michigan's Lore.

I am ALWAYS open to story suggestions, and ALWAYs open to hearing your stories of supernatural. I want to know what you have experienced. I also want to know what stories you know of your cities.

You will notice a story and then sometimes I go back and redo a post with stories that people tell me after the fact of a story I had previously done. I found this easier than editing every post I do. I also plan on starting to post my list of stories that I plan on doing, and keep a running tab on here rather than just in my story notebook that I keep on my person!

Eventually, we will do giveaways, and even plan on hosting some meet-ups to visit some of the places that I write about - so PLEASE stay tuned for that.

Again, Thank you for all your love and support! I couldn't do it without you!


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