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Thunder Bay Theatre - Short & Sweet

Heyy, my Hank's Lore Lovers.....

Today's story is short. Because, I couldn't find a dang thing on it. Other than it is not a well known public haunting spot. But, the actors and producers in the theater know that it is haunted.

This theater is located in Alpena, Michigan.; specifically in the "Old Town" district.

It is named Northern Michigan's only theatre to offer live entertainment. It is also a year round non-profit theatre. It offers classes and learning for all things theatre. (Yes, I said that in a VERY dramatic voice)

There is said to be a ghost little girl named, Aggie. Aggie is known to roam the whole theater. You can see her all throughout the building. She is known to be very mischievous, rather than anything evil. One big thing that Aggie likes to do is be more active when she senses a non-believer around. She wants to make sure everyone knows her existence is very real.

Many of the actors and production crew associated with the theatre have said that some sort of entity, whether it be Aggie or something (someone?) else have moved their things. They will look all over the place for something, and when the finally give up it will show up in a place that is embarrassingly obvious. And, it was verified that no practical jokes are happening.

In one forum thing I was reading that shows a bunch of Michigan's haunted places someone commented that the Theatre and the bar next to it used to be a funeral home wayyy back in the day. It was hard to validate this. But, it isn't a far fetched idea.

So, this is the super short story of the Thunder Bay Theater....

Creep It Real my friends....


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