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The winner is....

If you saw the post before this one ...the winner of that poll was The Seul Choix Point Lighthouse.

So, i guess this is the story I will be telling.

This lighthouse has a rich history and is one of the only ones that is still active on the Upper Peninsula's southern shoreline.

The Seul Choix Lighthouse is in Gulliver Michigan. It was built in 1892 due to a lack of lighthouses for over a 100 mile stretch alone the southern shoreline of the Upper Peninsula. In French, this lovely name means "only choice." And, for a long time this was the only choice for the people traveling in the waters. There are 3 main buildings that make up this lighthouse and its grounds. They are the lighthouse itself, a fog horn building, and finally a life saving building.

Just a fun fact there was even a song recorded about this light house- its called "The Ballad of Seul Choix Light House." ( )

But, let's get to why we are all here shall we?

The first main haunter of this beautiful location is Captain Joseph Willie Townshend. He was the head light keeper during the early 1900's. Townshend died at the ripe old age of 63 in 1910 and really his actual cause of death is still unknown. Most of the people in this area attributed his death to cancer because he was a heavy cigar smoker. There is a story that he dies of the consumption. Another fun fact is Townshend's body was embalmed in the basement of the lighthouse.

Townshend was not able to be burried as the ground was frozen when he died. His body was stored in the basement for several months. Maybe because of the unknown cause of death or how long his body wasn't given a proper burial his soul stuck around.

To this day people have said that they have seen his face in different mirrors. There have been over 13 reports of this sighting. There is also a heavy smell of cigar smoke whenever people think they may have had an interaction with Townshend. And, remember he was a heavy cigar smoker. People have also reported they see a man that looks like Townshend disappear behind a curtain.

This lighthouse has been described as one of the scariest places on earth - I don't personally know if i believe that because I have been to some pretty creepy places, and there are many more historically filled places. But who knows, that's pretty subjective.

There have been reports of music heard all throughout the lighthouse. But, not your normal Taylor Swift - or today's music.. Music that sounds like it was played through an old phonograph record player.

Batteries and other electronic devices will die for no reason. And, the reports say they will be brand new out of the package batteries. This is said to be a tell that paranormal happenings are going on.

It was said by someone who works within the lighthouse now, that hauntings didn't really start until some of the original furniture was moved around. That's when things really got spooky.

There is a gentleman said to walk around the grounds of the lighthouse. He seems to be of ghostly nature - people have called out to him or waved and they are simply ignored. But, its the guess that they aren't actually being ignored but he cannot see them as he is not of the living.

Children's toys that are kept in the lighthouse for the littles who do visit will be thrown all over the floor. Someone will have just been in the room and they would have all been in their respective homes. Then seconds later they are thrown about - some even looking like they had been played with. One thing that just creeps me out is kid ghosts. I don't like that one bit. This happens most when no kids had visited in a while.

And, of course you have your standard paranormal activities. Things like disembodied voices, creepy apparitions. Things moving on their own and even feelings of being watch. But, that's your normal haunting.

What do you think? Would you visit? Have you heard of it? Or, maybe been there?

Tell me!



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