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The Untold Stories : Dale Tales DUDGEON'S SWAMP

I am super excited to bring this story to life. It is a story that contains so many twists and turns that I think my head still may be spinning. I also went to this location (yes, I was drinking so that may have impacted how freaking scary it was but I really honestly do not think so)

Let's get this tale going.

How this story became a thing:

I went camping with my husband and my cousin. Her husband and family live in White Cloud. They always have. I had posted on my social media that I was going to be starting a blog and if anyone had stories to send them to me. Wellll when we went camping my cousin told me "Dale has some gooooood stories" And, I did the only appropriate thing. Grabbed my note book took notes and asked those questions.

He told me about Hookman's field. Which had some cools stories, maybe not so much lore.

Then he said "Oh! Dudgeon's Swamp"

Instantly like what?!

He said a few things that REALLY stuck out:

"That property has real bad voodoo"

You do NOT go out there at night. NO MATTER WHAT

Then my other cousins long-time boyfriend pipped in with "He don't believe in the spooky but my body shut down out there," and "go out there with a new car [meaning the swamp] and that shit will shut down"

Another girl who was camping with us said that there was a gate by the house that should never be passed through, like day or night, because it can bring on some spooky stuff onto you.

and the "he said, she saids" went from there. It was amazing to hear.


IF I had promised to NOT go in the dark, really meaning that night. Dale would take me out exploring during the day. He would show me where the house was. The old cemetery. Really anything I wanted to see. And, as tempting as that was I had been drinking and got REALLY excited to see this; to experience this. So we went. And, let me tell you. IT WAS SO SCARY!

MY Experience:

I went...just like I was told not to do. And, really ruined my chances to explore a really crazy area rich with history. But, whatever. I had to do it.

I was hyped. And, kind of scared. Now, I honestly thought I was scared for 1 of 2 reasons:

1. Booze...the good ole liquid courage. You can literally do whatever you want when you are drinking. Or, at least you think you can. I could not. Not only do I think that the booze helped me go out there, but I also think it helped scare the bloody hell out of me.

2. The hype of everyone talking about it. A couple people were like "it is haunted" and "you do not go" while other people with us were saying that there was literally nothing out there but trees. So, you have the back and forth and back and forth of people saying it is something or nothing. HAD TO DO IT.

Also... there's the thrill of being told to do something that you should not do makes it so much MORE fun to do. And it makes you want to know what the hype might be.

Some of the weird that happened:

* The truck stalled, and WOULD NOT RESTART

*My camera started taking pics on its own - it was in my hand so it could have accidently happened...but I don't have a home screen [it is facial recognition.] it was just weird.


Stay tuned for some facts, and more stories.

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