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The Troll Bridge - A mini

There is a a bridge nicknamed the Troll Bridge that supposedly has a terrifying history.

It goes a little like this:

A couple, a man and a woman, were travelling down a stretch of road right by this bridge. Their car broke down...of course it did...The man tells his lady to stay there and he will get out and look for help. He never came to the car. After a few terrifying hours the woman decided to get out and look for her lover. When she got around to the back of the car she found his dead body. When she finally flagged a car down, and the police came they discovered that all the bones in his body were broken. The legend says that a troll did it.

Another version of this same story is that the woman's body was found alongside her lovers body. She also had the bones in her body all broke.

But, no matter the story. It is all said to be done by trolls. Sometimes it is even said that these trolls can tell when you are trying to mess with their bridge....

The bridge has been since rebuilt, but everyone who drives through this area feels uneasy.

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