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The Brue Mansion - The Most Haunted in Michigan?

The Bruce Mansion is said to be the most haunted in all of Michigan. And, I won't lie to ya, reading on it...there is something creepy going on in this place. There used to be ghost tours offered at the Mansion, but this has since stopped.

The Bruce Mansion is located in Brown City, Michigan. Brown City is located in the thumb - and if you are a Michigander you know what i am sayin'.

There is a long history of people dying and kind of tragically in this house and a history of homeowners saying these people didn't leave the estate after their death.

The Bruce Mansion was build in 1876 by John G. Bruce. This home had the full Victorian architecture with beautiful windows. The Mansion has 3 floors and a cellar. The remains of part of the cellar remains - specifically the coal room. There is also an attic. It is a traditional home for the Victorian era; complete with the Grand Mahogany Stairs. John Bruce was the Post Master and owned the general store. He owned the general store with his brother.

By 1881 a fire spread through most of Brown City. One of the only buildings that was spared was the Brown Mansion. Although the General Store that was on the estate's property burned down. The mansion it's self had NO DAMAGE.

In the early 1900's a woman named Cynthia Smith purchased the mansion. She later catches a fever and dies in the mansion. It is around the time of Cynthia Smith's death that the Bruce Mansion is used as a host site for funerals - SPOOKYYYY.

In the 1920's a gentleman named John Walker moves into the mansion with his wife. And, let me tell ya John Walker is not a very lucky dude. By 1925 his wife just leaves him. Shortly after John Walker's wife leaves him John is out driving and he accidently hit a pedestrian. The pedestrian did not survive. But, instead of calling the police and reporting it, Mr. Walker got out of his car and dragged the body to the estate and burried it. It's not 100% verified that the body is on the property but the hit did happen. Shortly after this, John Walker's body was found in the mansion dead. This was less than a year after is wife left him. And, there is no official cause of death on his death certificate. However, legend says that his body was found hanging in the tower of the mansion. This is another thing that was not ever confirmed.

The house sat empty for awhile. But, in 1996 Barbara Millsap and her brother acquired the mansion. They both reported many different supernatural occurrences. This includes doors being opened and closed throughout the house. These doors are opened and closed with such force you can feel them being slammed.

In 2009 the Waite family purchased the home (& they got a deal due to foreclosure). This family reported hearing voices, and some of the voices sounded like they belonged to children. And, there has never been a child that is reported to live in the Bruce Mansion.

With multiple deaths in the home, and it being used a funeral home of sorts its really no surprise that the home has some paranormal feels in it.

There has been growls heard from the basement. And, we aren't talking a dog tied up and it doesn't like you. They are said to be demonic sounding growls.

Apparitions have been seen. People will see ghost figures wandering around the house. You can call out to them and they don't respond to you. Multiple "creepy" voices have been heard in the home.

One of the ghosts in the home is known as a prankster. This ghost likes to try and open the doors of the restrooms while people are going. And, I honestly found this to be freakin' hilarious.

And, my ALL TIME FAVORITE ghost of this house. They have a ghost cat. It meows and even shows itself from time to time. And, I swear I have one of these, a ghost cat that is.

Let me know what y'all thought of this one!!



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