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The Ada Witch

The Ada with is the Witch of Findlay Cemetery. She is a lady in white seen roaming around the cemetery. Especially around Honey Creek Road and Conservation NE. Also, close to Seidman Park and Egypt Valley Ave.

The Story

The story is actually pretty typical. And, i was surprised how many times I have heard this same exact story just happening in a different place.

A woman in the late 19th century was cheating on her husband. She would wait for her husband to go to sleep and then sneak out of bed and the house to meet with her lover. Her husband eventually caught on. One night he pretended to be asleep. Once he saw his wife leave their home, he followed her out of their house. He followed her right into the arms of her lover. In a moment of rage the husband kills his wife, and then fights the lover of his wife. The two men literally fight each other to death.

Here is where the story changes a little from story to story:

Some say that this woman met her lover every night in the Findlay Cemetery...and this is where she was killed. Which would be why she still haunts it.

Then a story says that the woman watched her husband and lover fight until they killed each other, then in agony from watching both the men she loved die...she took her own life.

Then there is the story that she met her lover and died in Seidman park.... Which is close to the cemetery.

Supposedly, the woman's body was found on Honey Creek road.

The Grave

The gravesite used to commemorate this lady in white is often left with trinkets, gifts, flowers, and it is even vandalized. However, this is where things are weird. The gravesite used for this lady is that of a Sarah McMillan. Who died in 1870. But, she didn't die of murder or suicide. She died of typhoid fever. There is no real explanation as to why this is the gravestone that is used for the lady in white.

There are dozens of women burried in the cemetery that are known to have lived within walking distance of the cemetery. But, it isn't really known how much research was gone into looking at all of those women.

Maybe a root to the legend?

Sarah McMillan was looked into as the possible root of the Ada Witch legend and there were 2 things that made people question here death. The death records held in Kent County have her name listed as Sally not as Sarah. The second problem with Sarah's death was it was not officially recorded until 9 months after her death. Could this be a cover up?

But, if you look her name up you can see her records as:

Sarah A Chillso McMillan 1840-1870 Died of Typhoid Fever

But, her husband Archibald McMillan 1842-1930 - he died years AFTER Sarah. This right there disproves that Sarah could be the Ada witch.

What happens there?

People say they see bluish green orbs floating around the cemetery. They hear footsteps while no one is around them. They feel people touching and/or grabbing them while they are alone. Even, the physical description of the lady in white differs from person to person. Some people say she is beautiful - while others say she is ugly and disfigured. Some people have even claim to have heard a fight happening around them, but no one will be around them.

Some people say they see a woman in a blue dress. While others say her dress is white.

Some people even see her standing in the middle of the road outside of the cemetery.

There's even some stories say that you won't see anything unless the moon is full.

There is a huge lack of information on who the Ada witch actually is. It is clear that she is not actually a witch. She follows more of a "lady in white" lore. It appears that someone just told this story about a lady who cheated on her husband and died for it. And, the story kind of took off.... and kept going. But, there really isn't evidence of that either.

Paranormal researchers have gone to investigate this area and they did confirm that it is haunted. They confirmed that the surrounding area is haunted as well. They just could not confirm who the ghost(s) were.



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