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St. Aubin Street Massacre

"History was written. And, it was written in blood"

Good ole Detroit is where this next one takes place. And, its kind of a doozy. This is known as one of Detroit's most brutal murders in history. It is still unsolved to this day.

The Family:

Known as Evangelist or Evangelista (all depended the source)

**The ages listed are the ages they died at**

Benny - 43

Santina - 36

Angeline - 8

Matilda - 5

Jay - 3

Morrio/Mario - 18 months

Brief Timeline:

1904: Benny Moves to US from Naples, Italy

1906: Benny starts receiving visions from God

1906: The start of the 4 part Bible is started

1906-1929 Benny gets married, has a family and settles down

July 2, 1929 Benny calls for Lumber delivery

July 3, 1929 Evangelist family found murdered

July 4, 1929 all cops mandated to help in city wide search for the murder

July 6, 1929 funeral held for the family, over 3000 guests in attendance

March 1930 A witness comes forward

Lets tell a tale:

Benny Evangelist was known as a "mystic" and a "healer." Some called him a leader of a cult. He did have a lot of followers. He was known as the "Hex Man." He held church in his basement for his followers. His neighbors could see into his makeshift church. They found this creepy - wouldn't you?

Benny would do readings and healings. He charged $10 per reading...this equates to about $300 today. Can ya say BALLIN'? Benny would use a mixture of religion, black magic, and medicinal herbs to perform these healings. Some of the people who received these readings said that is was a hoax. They also believed that his "healings" were overpriced. These people quickly became Benny's enemies. Others, swore that his healings worked.

The basement church had wax figures and people that were said to be celestial planets and beings. These were an important part of the church. The neighbors could see this from the street. They could not however see the inner room that Benny would use to make potions and write his bible. This room was a very important room. It is where all the good stuff happened.

While Benny was a prophet and lead a basement church he also published a 4 volume Bible. He titled this Bible "The Oldest History of the World: Discovered by Occult Science." This Bible, as well as any other Bible was referred to as "The Sun."

The night before the murders:

Benny Evangelist made a call to a watchmen of a house that was set to be demolished. Benny was trying to get a shipment of lumber from the house to be delivered to his home the next day. Everything was arraigned to be dropped off the next day. Benny was planning on meeting the delivery driver at his home. The driver never arrived. Benny also planned on paying cash. When the police searched the home the cash was not found. The cops suspected money was a motive, but could not confirm this.

The Murders & Stuff

On July 3, 1929 Vincent Elias came over to the Evangelist's home to discuss a real estate deal with Benny. This is when the family was discovered. When the police arrived to the home of the Evangelist's they found a few weird things. Aside from the dead bodies that is. They found the headless body of Benny at his desk. His hands were folded like he was praying - his head was found on the ground next to him with 3 large photos framed of a child in a coffin. It was later discovered that this photo was of Benny's son who had died years prior. The police also discovered several pairs of women's undergarments. These were not of Santina's. They had labels on them - the labels indicated who the undies belonged to. The police instantly believed this was a sign of voodoo. (insert me saying spppoookkyyy here).

So, Benny was found decapitated. Santina was also found in her bed decapitated. Their 18 month old Mario/Morrio was found in the same bed. His head was attached but bashed in. The rest of the children were all found dead in their bed. All killed with what looked like an axe.

The funeral was held on July 6, 1929. There were over 3,000 people in attendance. Some of these people were members of Benny's church, and some where people who thought he was a fraud. The cops monitored the funeral as they thought the murder may join. They didn't find anything or anyone suspicious.

There were a total of 3 people arrested. All were let go because there was virtually no evidence to link them to these murders. There was a murder a few weeks prior to this one, a woman and her 3 children were murdered. But, the police could not link these 2 murders either. A dude named Robert Harris confessed. The police took him seriously at first, but everything he confessed to is not what happened. So, they let him go.

In March of 1930 a witness to the murders finally came forward. But, you may want to hold onto your butt for this one. The family dog. That is the witness. THE FAMILY FREAKIN DOG. Apparently the dog went missing when the family was murdered. And almost a year later a lady finds this dog. Reads the tags and discovers that pooches belongs to this dead family. She decides against adopting the dog.

This murder is still unsolved. There have been multiple leads over the years, but nothing substantial. And, I am sure that a few armchair detectives could figure it out if they REALLY wanted to.

Haunted? You tell me...

Apparently you can see a headless dude walking around

You can hear screams and talking

the land feels sad (or so people say)

ALSO, a lot of people go to where the house once stood to take weird fairy photos - can't lie this creeped me the hell out.

The Photos


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