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Southwest Michigan Tuberculosis Sanitarium

The Tuberculosis Sanitarium, also known as the Kalamazoo Psychiatric hospital no longer exists but was once a thriving home for those with TB. Sitting abandoned since 1990 many people say they have heard screaming, cries, moans, and other odd noises from this empty building. Others have also reported seeing disfigured bodies, and ghostly apparitions in the windows of this building. These have been seen in both the daylight and the nighttime.

The Sanitarium officially closed down in 1969 and was completely abandoned in 1990. This abandoned building is closed to the public, but walking alongside the fence might be worthwhile to catch a glimpse of an unknown entity. The building was demolished in 2011... but noises of the insane are said to be heard from the now senior living center.

Opened in 1954 and and valued at over 2 million dollars this facility was once state of the art. This facility offered the best treatments for TB which was the times biggest killers. This facility offered antibiotics and mental treatments that if were offered decades earlier would have saved thousands of unfortunate souls. The program actually cured many patients, and allowed them to be sent home. By 1966 there were under 70 patients being treated. But, with this happening it changed the future of the way this facility was going to be ran.

Just over 100 long term care, meaning mostly elderly patients, were transferred from this facility

. So, 108 long time care, elderly patients, who no longer needed to be treated for mental illness were transferred from the Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital to spend the rest of their years under the care of this facility.

It was no surprise, then, that the Sanitarium as a Tuberculosis care center was shut down in 1969, and turned over to the Michigan Department of Mental Health, who gave it to Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital.

From 1969 through 1990, this institution kept up the proud tradition of offering the best to its patients, including a varied gerontology program for seniors battling senility and other geriatric patients, who were in various states of physical decline. They were treated well by the staff and there was no evidence of abuse.

By 1990, the numbers again had fallen to the lowest level ever, and the hospital was closed for good. It was in great shape, and just needed the right organization to move in. The Department of Mental Health & The Department of Management and Budget were in charge of finding the right party. At first, several organizations were interested, but “no action was taken.”

One serious offer came in 1990, from the K-PEP organization, which offers a private, non-profit program alternative to jail for non-violent offenders, 17-25 years old. Many in the surrounding community were not pleased, fearing the invasion of shady influences at a time when their neighborhood was fighting to stay ahead of urban decline, and undesirables entering their streets for illegal activities. This plan was nuked.

Another serious offer didn’t come until 7 years later, by Western Michigan University, but the deal fell through because of the huge asbestos problem which exists throughout this 1954 structure. No one wanted to fork over the money to fix the problem, which would of been expensive.

Finally, the city moved to get rid of this menace. “In 2010, the city decided to use federal grant money to eliminate the eyesore. The old hospital was finally demolished in late 2011. Title was transferred to the Kalamazoo County Land Bank, which used the site to construct Prairie Gardens housing units for low-income seniors. The first phase of the project was completed in February 2013As of 2016, this rotting building was torn down and new homes were built on this acreage. “

Each residence “offers spacious one & two bedroom apartments with open floor plans. Each home is equipped with many amenities and safety features including upgraded kitchens with deluxe countertops and cabinetry. We also provide a washer/dryer, covered front porches, and a one-car attached garage. Our complex is located in a quiet and peaceful area with amenities including a covered pavilion for activities, an exercise room and on-site maintenance.”

Sounds like a lovely place to live or haunt!

This wasn’t the end of the hauntings. No one try to help the spirits who were trapped there, so now they still are restless and watching.



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