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Running tab on Stories UPDATED

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Paulding Lights - done

Hell's Bridge - done

Dogman - done

Avalon - done

Miller Mansion - done

Melon Heads - done

Felt Mansion - done

Ada Witch - done

Howe Town

Bath, Michigan - done

Dudgeon Swamp - done

Pressie (Lake Superior's Nessie) - done

St. Aubin St. Massacre - done

Torch Lake Monster - done

Murders of East Buno Rd [Outside Milford]

The Antler's Bar & Family Restaurant - done

The Shoe Tree(s) - done

The Troll Bridge - done

Fenton Hotel - done

The Whitney Mansion - done

Traverse City State Asylum - done

Old City Orphanage - done

Big Sable Lighthouse

Thunder Bay Theatre - Done

Sacred Rock [Alpena, Mi]

Minnehaha - done

Ghost Road [Big Rapids, Mi]

Nunica Cemetery - Done

Detroit Cryptoid - Done

Mackinaw Lagoon - Done

Bruce Mansion - Done

John A Lau Saloon

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