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Pressie - a monster mini

Pressie is Lake Superiors Nessie

The sightings of Pressie started new Presque Isle River, but go as far as Minnesota. Pressie was once called Mishipichu. Mishipichu means "underwater panther" in Ojibwa. Another known name is Michipissy. (which i find to be hilarious.)

Pressie is known as a monster serpent that looks very similar to the Loch Ness Monster. Pressie is said to have a serpents body, a horse like head, a tail of a whale, a long neck, is blackish-green in color and is as long as 75 feet. It is even said to have a 15 foot neck.

The first sightings of Nessie started in 1894 but are as current as the late 1990's.


In 1930 -

Sighting at Pictured Rocks - large beast in the water chasing ships

Memorial day 1977-

A dude name Randy Braun was in the Presque Isle campground near iron wood. He saw a large creature in the water. "It resembled an anaconda with the girth of a Volkswagen." Luckily he had a camera with him. He got one photo, but it wasn't very good.

Another sighting in the mid 1990's-

during the summer a fisherman watched as a large aquatic animal pulled a deer duck under the water. It only left a severed head behind.

Pressie is known to chase ships. And, there are even stories that Pressie is responsible for the Edmund Fitzgerald tragedy. Wouldn't that be somethin'? Not surprisingly with its size, it is known as being rather aggressive.

Once story has circulated that Pressie came about due to a sacrifice done in 1667 to help rise the amount of sturgeon in the surrounding waters. And, its has stayed around ever since.


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