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Old City Orphanage, Marquette Mi

Who doesn't just love a story with some racist nun's?

The Old City Orphanage is located in Marquette, MI. It is now an abandoned Catholic orphanage. It was first opened in 1915. The last orphan was served in 1967. The building was officially abandoned in 1982. The name became the Holy Family Orphanage.

This orphanage became known as "A Tortured Orphanage"

The old city orphanage cost roughly $120,000 to build and quickly became the regions biggest orphanage. It housed 200 children at once.

The Holy Family Orphanage was first meant to serve as a whites only orphanage, but this changed rather quickly. Native American children were being taken from families and put into orphanages to get them adapted "to the white mans way." This angered the nuns. They wanted wholesome catholic white children. Very quickly after the orphanage was up and running stories of the nuns abusing the children became the talk of the town.

The last orphans served were Cuban refugees. These were were children escaping Fidel Castro's reign.

Some of the children who grew up in the orphanage who are now adults and probably old now refuse to talk about their time in the Holy Family Orphanage. Those who do talk of the time there say the treatment they endured say the nuns inflicted horrible punishments and the treatments borderline torture. There were multiple stories of children being beat harshly, and even left out side in the cold winters in Northern Michigan.

One of the stories passed around goes a little something like this:

A young girl living in the orphanage goes outside to play. It is snowing out, and a storm is coming in. The weather quickly worsens and the little girl gets lost in the cold. Some reports say she was not properly dressed for such weather. Once the nuns realized the little girl hadn't came back and the weather was getting worse and worse they began to find her. They did end up finding her but she ad already began to show signs of pneumonia. She survived 3 days after her rescue but died due to the illness.

The nuns were angry that they had to go out and look for his little girl, and took it upon themselves to make an example of this little girl. The left her deceased body out in the lobby for all the children to see for 3 days. This would be the example of what would happen to the other children if they decided that they wanted to go out in the cold weather as well.

Another story went around that a young boy was either beaten to death or drowned as a punishment. They covered the boys death up by saying it was it was an accident. The nuns responsible hid the boys body in the basement.

This location is now a huge place for paranormal activities. This is a place for the local youths of Manistee to go an ghost hunt. They want to see what spooky things they can run into. Local residents see lights flitting around the building...mostly inside of the building. There is no reason for this light to be bouncing around the building.

It is said that on a quiet night you can hear the moans and crying of the lost souls of the children who are now gone. You can also still hear the children playing as if they are still there.

The orphanage is still abandoned to this day. It is all boarded up. But, they are going to be turning it into apartments soon.


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