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Nunica Cemetary

This one will be shorter than I initially planned. I was hoping to find more information buttttt that didn't happen.

Nunica cemetery is one that is supposed to be incredibly haunted. Like REALLY freakin' haunted. There is a little girl ghost that will just hang out with you. A lady in white. And, an old man ghost that is called Mr. Bond.

Nunica Cemetery was established in 1883. It is considered to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in Michigan. The terrain of the cemetery is uneven and location is very secluded. This makes the spookiness factor even higher.

There have been orbs, cold spots and voices all experienced when visiting this ooky spooky cemetery.

One of the main ghosts that makes an appearance is Mr. Bond. His real name is Joel Bond and is said to be a civil war hero who was burried in Nunica Cemetery. He is known to just show up and hang out. And, then just go away as quickly as he showed up.

There are even rumors of an old Native American burial ground on the property of the cemetery. This may explain some of the paranormal activities. But, I was unable to confirm or deny if the burial ground was actually there.

The cemetery contains many children's graves from those who died during the 1920's flu outbreak. This is just sad to me. Children's gravesites always make me super sad.

One paranormal investigator said " you just don't feel welcome and it's the oddest feeling"

I have a friend that recommended this story to me and she said that it is really spooky and sometimes you don't really know why. You just feel creeped out and want to leave. I would hate to have a family member there. If it really is that spooky and that unwelcome having to visit a loved one would be horrible.

I do plan on going and hopefully soon. But, I'd like to replace my camera first so I can capture the spooky moments first hand. Fingers crossed I can do that SOON!

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