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Mitten Brewing Company

First, I want to say this one will be short because I am having a difficult time finding information. So if you find information more than what I have PLEASE send it my way.

Second - even though you are flipping me off through GIF's right now, this goes out to you Baby Croc or Nate, or whatever stupid name I am calling you.

The old engine house was turned into a bar - brewery in roughly 2011. The renovations started in roughly 2009. The goal was to turn this into a the go to place to watch the Tiger's games. This brewery is complete with 4 stadium seats from Old Tiger Stadium.

So onto the Mitten Brewing Company. Which was once Engine House No. 9. There are reports of shadow, strange noises, objects moving without anyone there to move them, as well as other activities that make the owners and patrons of the brewing company believe it is haunted. Even motion lights are known to go off without anyone being in the room that the lights are in.

In one report - one of the owners were mopping the floor and the floor was still wet. When the owner turned back around there were footsteps in his freshly mopped floor. Now, this would make me so mad. Like WHO IS WALKING ON MY CLEAN FLOOR. But, I digress. From looking at the footsteps 2 main things were noticed. 1. They were the footprints of a child. & 2. the foot prints were going all different directions. Meaning no one actually walked into the room or walked out of the room.

One of the managers reported seeing a person walking around by the bar and the front door. They thought they were alone, so when they went to see who was out by the bar they were amazed to see they were alone. But, who had they just seen in the bar? And, there wasn't enough time for someone to sneak out the door.

One idea of who could be hanging out is a firefighter who was a part of Engine House No. 9. This gentleman supposedly died in the line of duty. But, that doesn't explain the children's fee that were seen. Maybe he had really small feet?

The bar tenders and owners even keep a special ghost journal to document any activity with the paranormal they experience. And, from the article I read there are quite a few entries.

Thanks Google for the picture!

What do you think? Haunted? Would you catch a baseball game with a ghost?



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