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Michigan's Dog Man - a mini

Michigan's dogman first was witnessed in 1887. It is said to be a dog creature that is over 7 feet tall. It is known to stalk the Manistee river but is sighted all over. According to legend, the Dogman appears to humans in a ten-year cycle that falls on years ending in the number seven.

Most of the original reports of the Dogman came from logging camps. They all report a humanoid-doglike creature. It had blue or yellow eyes and a terrifying howl. It is reported to be huge. The dogman can stand on its hind legs or some reports said that it has a human body with a head shaped like a dog. (I am honestly not sure what is scarier) It is agile and able to just jump out in front of you and then run away before you even know what happened.

There is even a song by Steve Cook that was a "joke" about the dogman. But it is really just a story telling song about the dogman.

Personal Stories:

My husband said he has always heard that the Dogman started in Luther, Mi. I am curious to know where other's have heard it's started.

A friend of mine said she swears she saw a huge dog like creature up by Mt. Pleasant. It was well over 7 feet and crossed 4 lanes of traffic and it stopped all conversation in her car. Which in itself is almost hard to believe considering it was a car full of women.

Have you witnessed the dogman?

Let me know!!

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